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7 Things All Young Republicans Deal With

It's not easy being a 23 year old stuck in a stereotype of a 56 year old.

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When someone says, "OH, you're Republican? So you don't believe in women's rights?"


What? No. Did I say that? I don't remember ever saying I was anti-women.

Watching SNL & laughing at the Republican jokes while quietly trying to figure out why hard work and the free-market is so bad.


But actually....why?

Posting an article about your Republican ideas & having your very open-minded, liberal friends attack you like you just announced the wrong winner of Miss Universe.

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Is it free-speech or free-speech for you? Aren't liberals supposed to be the open minded ones?

Listening to your friends discuss all the great, "free" things Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are proposing while screaming internally.


and the whole time you just wanna be like, "ayo I'm really happy for you and imma let you finish but there's no such thing as a free lunch was the best econ lesson of all time!"

When the media describes Republicans as a bunch of OLD, WHITE GUYS.

and you're all like..uhhh wait, what?

and you're all like..uhhh wait, what?

When your friend whose parents are doctors and give them $2,000 a month for rent tries to explain to you the importance of income equality.


I'm sorry but maybe in the interest of income equality you should let me move in with you for free.

Finally, when you have to use Ron Swanson to explain why capitalism and the free market is important.

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