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21st Century Technology Problems

Older generations are always telling us Generation Y’s that we have it so easy; I get it Grandpa you walked uphill both ways to draw water from the well and all I have to do is get a Brita pitcher out of the fridge. Sure we may have medical breakthroughs and technology they couldn’t even dream of, but they come with their own share of problems.

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Wifi Connection Limited. Minor issue, I think not? Doesn’t the wifi know I only have half an hour to submit my paper that’s due at midnight and I need to access Wikipedia so I can properly copy and paste? Sure, I had a week to do it but the entire Grey’s Anatomy series wasn’t going to watch itself, which by the way I won’t even know the ending to because Netflix won’t buffer without a proper wifi connection.

Recalculating route. That’s cool GPS just leave me stranded in the middle of nowhere. You literally had one job to do and your failing more than Nixon did at his presidency. Guess I’ll have to resort to the old fashion way of getting around, using a map…on my iPhone of course. I didn’t pay $39.99 at Bestbuy on this GPS to become the next Christopher Columbus.

Apple Pinwheel of Death. Nothing like the feeling of your stress levels skyrocketing that occurs when you’re ¾ of the way done with anything remotely important and that pinwheel pops up. This is the leading contributor to the Xanax use with Generation Y’s.

That is currently not available online but maybe you’d like…What is the point of having instant, online streaming if you’re not going to have what I want available? When I searched Princess Diaries I didn’t secretly want you to suggest I watch Pokémon. Talk about $8 a month in subscription fees down the drain.

Incorrect Username or Password. Maybe if I didn’t have to use an upper case letter, number, symbol and hieroglyphic in my password I’d be able to remember it. No you cannot send me my password via email considering I haven’t used since I was in the 7th grade. If I couldn’t remember the password I made 2 weeks ago I’m not remembering that one.

Duck You! Really autocorrect? I mean really? You can automatically fill in my contact info but you can’t use context clues to know I had no intention of ever incorporating ducks into this argument? Autocorrect is like letting your kids clean the kitchen, you end up having to re-do it so it takes twice as long.

Facetime Freezing. I didn’t spend an hour on my hair and makeup to Facetime with my Tinder boyfriend just to have my face stuck in a worse position than Bruce Jenner’s. In 1999 you could just innocently talk on the phone with your love interest in a nice pair of sweatpants and an avocado mask without him knowing what you really look like before bed.

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