10 Times You Just Couldn’t With Sex And The City

HBO needs to replace the copyright disclaimer with, “This was the 90’s please do not attempt any of these fashion statements at home.”

Nothing says “I’m a woman in a man’s world” like an all pink pant suit.

The hat says 1920’s paper boy but the capri pant suit says “I’m just a writer and can only afford the kids section.”

Dearest Charlotte, the job was to help the blind not dress like you are blind.

If you don’t know what’s wrong with this outfit then there’s just nothing I can do.

I’ll let you decide what’s worse in this picture: Carrie’s milkmaid costume or Miranda’s winter bee hunter outfit.

Is that a skirt on top of a skirt? or the original As Seen On TV Hip-T.

And this whole time I thought belts were for holding up your pants.

Lesbihonest about how bad this outfit is Miranda.


The only thing hot about this fashion statement are Carrie’s abs.

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