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    • frankk13

      1) DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE: Mr. Hyde’s make-up was made more grotesque as the film went on, to reflect his increasing violence.
      2) DRACULA: Lugosi had played Dracula on stage for years, and yet wasn’t the first choice for the film adaptation (which was the first sound horror film).
      3) FRANKENSTEIN: It was Lugosi, not Carradine, who turned down FRANKENSTEIN - but it was a totally different script at the time. Karloff developed back problems from this film that plagued him the rest of his life.
      4) DR. X: The damsel in distress is Fay Wray - who was also in KING KONG.
      5) FREAKS: Was a failure at the time, due to the use of actual carnival “freaks” (no make-up on them). This pretty much ruined the director’s career (Tod Browning, director of DRACULA).
      6) ISLAND OF LOST SOULS: A controversial film because of the explicit torture scenes, but the idea of “bestiality” when the Panther Woman falls in love with a human.
      7) MASK OF FU MANCHU: Banned in some areas for years because of “racist stereotypes” many of the torture scenes are similar to what Indiana Jones would later face.
      8) MOST DANGEROUS GAME: Filmed on the same sets at the same time as KING KONG, in order to help recoup costs.
      9) INVISIBLE MAN: H. G. Wells was still alive when this was made, prompting the filmmakers to take extra care with the story.
      10) MURDERS IN THE ZOO: The villain in this, Lionel Atwill, was not only DR. X., but appeared in numerous other horror films.

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