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12 BuzzFeed Style Guide Tips You Need To Know

Want to know the difference between fuckup and fuck up? The BuzzFeed Style Guide is the AP of the internet.

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1. The verb is 'to friend-zone,' but the noun is friend zone.

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Because even dudebros need proper hyphenation.

2. You should know the Oxford comma is law.

Some subs love it. Other subs are wrong. Buzzfeed use it and THAT IS GLORIOUS.

Some subs love it. Other subs are wrong. Buzzfeed use it and THAT IS GLORIOUS.

3. Use whistleblower instead of "leaker".

20th Century Fox / Via nosleepandsadness.tumblr.compost

Leaks = bad. Whistleblowers = better. (No official policy on Flo Rida.)

4. Also, the word is chocolaty.

NOT 'chocolatey'.
Flickr: debney / Via Creative Commons

NOT 'chocolatey'.


5. Not a style point, but the section on recipes teaches you how to make SWEET POTATO BOURBON NOODLE KUGEL.

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6. You should know everything in the damn fine LGBT section.

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7. Wineglass. It's one word.

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And one of my favourites too.

8. And Muggle must be correctly capitalised.

Warner Bros.

9. There is a section on hat tips.

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Be generous with 'em, folks.

10. And also clear guidance on when to use heartrending, gut-wrenching, and nerve-racking.

There's no word for this pain though.

11. The guide defines three distinct fuckups: fuckup (n.), fuck up (v.), fucked-up (adj.). Know them, love them.

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No, it's fucked-up.

EDIT: Apologies, Kevin, you are now right.

12. And look closely enough and you'll find the G-spot.

The CW

Essentially, BuzzFeed Style Guide...

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Ladies and gentlemen, the BuzzFeed Style Guide.

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