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11 Roald Dahl Stories NOT For Children

Dahl's prolific career resulted in more yarns for adults than children. These included stories about collecting scientists' sperm, stealing someone's skin, and a secret wife swap. No, really.

Frankie Goodway • 4 years ago

18 Pulp Cover Girls Who Are So Over This Shit

Sci-fi pulp magazines weren't known for their raging feminism and don't these women know it. Women in pulp had to put up with a lot: impractical footwear, being held hostage, unrealistic interplanetary beauty standards and more. It's unsurprising that a lot of them look as if they've. Absolutely. Had. Enough.

Frankie Goodway • 5 years ago

12 BuzzFeed Style Guide Tips You Need To Know

Want to know the difference between fuckup and fuck up? The BuzzFeed Style Guide is the AP of the internet.

Frankie Goodway • 5 years ago