Are You A Zack Or A Travis - Which One Is Your Perfect ’90s Boyfriend?

Ok, you want a hot ’90s pseudo-badboy boyfriend — who doesn’t? But which kind of troublemaker sparks your fire? Answer these 12 questions and find out.

  1. 1. Your dream man calls it "my ride." You call it...
    1. Shutterstock
      A skateboard
    2. Ariel Skelley / Getty Images
      A convertible
  2. 2. His hair is...
    1. Shutterstock
      Perfectly coiffed
    2. Shutterstock
      Wild and free
  3. 3. Is your dude...
    1. Totally formal?
    2. chadmagiera / Via Flickr: chadmagiera
      Totally casual?
  4. 4. Your perfect date night consists of...
    1. fairygodmotha / Via
      Sipping milkshakes and sneaking into a movie
    2. halfpintbrawler / Via
      Ripping bong hits and chilling at a Val party
  5. 5. Does he...
    1. Tom Watson / Via Flickr: 98833136@N00
      Work at a country club?
    2. Brian Sawyer / Via Flickr: olivepress
      Belong to one?
  6. 6. When you want to get in touch with him, you hit him up on his...
    1. swanksalot / Via Flickr: swanksalot
      Cell phone
    2. Pager
  7. 7. Is your dream gentleman likelier to complete a...
    1. _tar0_ / Via Flickr: _tar0_
      12-step program?
    2. Incase / Via Flickr: goincase
      12-step con?
  8. 8. Is your dream boy's best friend...
    1. Shutterstock
      A geeky loner?
    2. Shutterstock
      A happy stoner?
  9. 9. Does his drug experience...
    1. rstivers / Via
      End with caffeine?
    2. clairefiasco / Via
      Not end at all?
  10. 10. Does he rock...
    1. ponyboycurtis__ / Via
      High tops?
    2. anouar1342 / Via
  11. 11. His spirit animal is...
    1. sschwartzapfel / Via
      Marvin the Martian
    2. kenzielynndell / Via
      Bugs Bunny
  12. 12. If there's a show going on, your dude is...
    1. volleykiller / Via
      In the audience?
    2. r0bertaelle / Via
      In the spotlight?

Guess what? Both these ’90s heartthrobs are all grown up and starring in a fun-as-hell legal drama. Tune in to the new season of Franklin and Bash, premiering June 19th at 9/8c on TNT.

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