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    Justin Trudeau Personally Welcomed A Plane Full Of Refugees To Canada

    The prime minister of our hearts.

    Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had already sent plenty of hearts fluttering when he took office last month, but took his good-guy reputation to new heights on Thursday evening by personally welcoming a government plane full of refugees to Toronto.

    Mark Blinch / Reuters

    While a number of other politicians in Europe and North America have increasingly resorted to anti-immigration rhetoric in the face of the crisis, Trudeau proudly tweeted that a plane of people escaping the conflict in Syria would land in Canada Thursday.

    I’m pleased to announce the first plane carrying Syrian refugees arrives in Canada tomorrow at 9:15 pm ET. #WelcomeRefugees

    The PM was on hand to greet the 163 new arrivals at Toronto Pearson International Airport himself, taking time to bond with adorable children...

    Mark Blinch / Reuters

    ...and pose for selfies with airport staff.

    Mark Blinch / Reuters

    So many selfies.

    Mark Blinch / Reuters

    Trudeau told reporters that the arrival of the plane meant Canada was "showing the world how to open our hearts," the BBC reported.

    Mark Blinch / Reuters

    In a statement quoted by the Toronto Star, Immigration Minister John McCallum said:

    I am heartened to see Canadians come together to welcome the Syrian refugees. I have hopes of the greatest success for them and their families as they build their new home in Canada.

    Authorities advised the public to keep away from the airport as the military plane arrived, the Toronto Star said. But well-wishers turned up to distribute bags of donations.

    Gift bags put together by Ahlan Syria with winter clothes and snacks for #refugeeswelcome

    Hundreds of refugees had already arrived in Canada via commercial aircraft since early November, according to the BBC. A total of 300 Syrians are set to arrive this week.

    Mark Blinch / Reuters

    You can watch Trudeau and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne greet refugees in this video:

    Global News / Via Facebook: video.php


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