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    President Trump And Other World Leaders Have Condemned The Manchester Attack

    "So many young and beautiful and innocent people, living and enjoying their lives, murdered by evil losers," the US president said.

    US President Donald Trump condemned Monday night's suicide bombing in Manchester, northwest England, during a press conference in Bethlehem.

    He was speaking alongside Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas during a two-day tour of Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

    Trump said that "terrorists and extremists, and those who give them aid and comfort, must be driven out from our society forever."

    You can read his full statement here:

    As President of the United States and on behalf of the people of the United States, I would like to start by offering my prayers to the people of Manchester in the United Kingdom. I offer my deepest condolences to those so terribly injured in this terrorist attack, and to the families of the victims.

    We stand in absolute solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom.

    So many young and beautiful and innocent people living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life. I won’t call them monsters because they would like that term, they would think that’s a great name. I will call them, from now on, losers — because that’s what they are: They’re losers. And we’ll have more of them, but they’re losers, just remember that.

    This is what I’ve spent the last few days talking about during my trip overseas.

    Our society can have no toleration of this continuation of bloodshed. We cannot stand a moment longer for the toleration of the slaughter of innocent people, and in today’s attack it was mostly innocent children.

    The terrorists and extremists, and those who give them aid and comfort must be driven out from our society forever.

    This wicked ideology must be completely obliterated, and the innocent life must be protected — all innocent lives must be protected. All innocent lives. Life must be protected.

    All civilized nations must join together to protect human life and the sacred right of our citizens to live in safety and in peace.

    Later on Tuesday, the White House released a readout of a call between President Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

    "The two leaders agreed that this attack — which targeted teenage children and their friends at a joyous event — was particularly wanton and depraved," the readout said.

    Trump "reassured the Prime Minister that Americans stand with the people of the United Kingdom and that our resolve will never waiver in the face of terrorism."

    The readout said the president offered US aid in the investigation into the attack, and vowed to continue the global fight against terrorism. The two leaders also "commended the courage, speed, and professionalism of those who responded to the wounded, secured the innocent, and tended to the survivors and their families."

    This is how other leaders around the world have reacted to events in Manchester:

    Emmanuel Macron, France

    Macron issued the following statement in French via the Élysée Palace:

    "It was with horror and dismay that Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic, heard of the murderous attack that struck Manchester Arena last night.

    "He sends the British people all the compassion and concern of France, which holds itself in mourning, with special thought for the victims and their families.

    "The president will continue to support the British government and security forces in the fight against terrorism.

    "President Macron will have a telephone conversation with Theresa May, and will be informed on the progress of the investigation."

    Vladimir Putin, Russia

    "We strongly condemn this cynical and inhuman crime. We expect that its masterminds won’t go unpunished," Putin said in a statement quoted by the state-run TASS news agency.

    Putin also "confirmed readiness to step up anti-terrorist cooperation with British partners — both on bilateral basis and as part of broad international efforts."

    Angela Merkel, Germany

    "I am following the reports from Manchester with great sadness and shock," Merkel said in a statement. "It is incomprehensible that someone could use a joyful pop concert to kill or seriously injure so many people. I would like to convey my sincere condolences to all victims and those affected, as well as to their families in their grief and despair.

    "This suspected terrorist attack will merely strengthen our determination to continue working together with our friends in the UK to combat those who plan and carry out such despicable acts. People in the UK can rest assured that Germany stands shoulder to shoulder with them."

    Mariano Rajoy, Spain

    Condeno el ataque de Manchester. Mi pesar a las familias de las víctimas fallecidas y mis deseos de pronta recuperación a los heridos. MR

    "I condemn the Manchester attack. My sorrow goes to the families of the deceased victims, and wishes of a quick recovery to the injured," the Spanish prime minister tweeted.

    Malcolm Turnbull, Australia

    The Australian prime minister described the bombing as "an attack on young people everywhere" during tributes to the victims in the country's parliament on Tuesday.

    "This incident, this attack, is especially vile, especially criminal, especially horrific, because it appears to have been deliberately directed at teenagers," Turnbull said.

    "This is an attack on innocence... This is a direct and brutal attack on young people everywhere, on freedom everywhere."

    Read more from BuzzFeed Australia's political editor Mark DiStefano here.

    Narendra Modi, India

    Pained by the attack in Manchester. We strongly condemn it. Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased & prayers with the injured.

    Justin Trudeau, Canada

    "Canadians are shocked by the news of the horrific attack in Manchester tonight. Please keep the victims and their families in your thoughts," the Canadian prime minister said on his Facebook page.

    Xi Jinping, China

    The Chinese president sent a message of condolence to the Queen following the attack in Manchester, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

    According to Xinhua, the message "expressed deep sorrow to the innocent victims and sincere condolences to the injured and the families of the killed in the incident. The Chinese people stand firmly with the British people at this difficult time."

    Donald Tusk, president of the European Council

    My heart is in Manchester this night. Our thoughts are with the victims.

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey

    Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he "strongly condemned" the attack during a speech on Tuesday at Istanbul University.

    "We share the grief of the British government and its people," he said, according to the website of the Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak. "Like every country, I would like to stress that we stand with Britain in the fight against terrorism."

    Read more about the reaction in the Middle East here.

    Borzou Daragahi contributed reporting to this article.