More Than 30 Teens Escaped From A Detention Center In Nashville

The juveniles crawled under a fence in order to break out of the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center. UPDATE: 24 of 32 escaped teens have been taken into custody.

1. Updated — 3 p.m. PT:

2. Thirty-two people aged between 14 and 19 escaped from a Nashville detention center early Tuesday morning, according to the Associated Press.

By Tuesday evening, 24 of the 32 inmates had been taken into custody, the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services said. The search continues for eight escaped teenagers.

The teens are believed to have escaped when a large group of them all went to a yard at once, shortly after a shift change. The center was detaining 78 juveniles at the time.

Two were recaptured immediately, while others were found over the course of the night, DCS spokesperson Rob Johnson said.

He added that local police and the Tennessee Highway Patrol are taking part in the search for the remaining teens, and that all those being kept at the detention center had committed at least three felonies.

It is not known if the escape was planned or spontaneous, AP reported.

#Breaking: An escaped juvenile just turned himself in to police. 26 still on the run. Tune in to #NC5

— NewsChannel 5 (@NC5)

#Breaking Update -- Metro police say 17 juveniles are still on the run after 32 escaped DCS custody overnight. #NC5

— NewsChannel 5 (@NC5)

UPDATE: DCS says 10 teenagers are still on the loose after escaping DCS custody late last night. We'll be following this story all day.

— NewsChannel 5 (@NC5)

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