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    Adele Just Dropped Her New Track And People Are Super Excited

    Hello. It's me.

    The long, long wait is finally over. Adele just dropped her new single, "Hello", and the accompanying video, which you can watch here:

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    It comes one day after Adele revealed that 25 – her first album in four years – would be released on 20 November.

    The song's a big classic Adele piano ballad with an atmospheric, sepia-toned video. A few fans have also noticed her retro choice of phone in the clip.

    Watch Adele bring the flip phone back in 2016.

    Adele has a flip phone so I'm getting a flip phone

    Speaking to BBC Radio 1 for the first play of "Hello", the singer admitted she had early doubts over the quality of her new material.

    Adele admits on R1 her "confidence was knocked" as she scrapped songs for the new album because they "weren't good enough". #AdeleHello

    It's safe to say people are delighted at the singer's return.

    My mum just called me and screamed down the phone @Adele is on the radio and they just played her new single. Think she's excited!? @BBCR1

    7.42am and I've listen to "Hello" by @Adele 4 times already. Gonna be one of those days.

    Adele's vocals are out of this world holy shit. I missed her so much I'm crying.