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    23 Ways To Satisfy Your Late Night Fast Food Cravings At Home

    Don't be the next person to break into a fast food joint at 4 a.m.

    1. Deep fry everything in your fridge with the Fry Daddy for fast, greasy food at home.

    2. Or use a crisper pan to get that fried taste with less oil.

    3. Lighten up your favorite foods with an air frier and recipe book that'll tell you what you can fry with air.

    4. If your cravings are rooted in hatred of cooking, read this cookbook. It understands.

    5. Cut French fries with ease with a 5-in-1 mandoline slicer.

    6. Got parmesan truffle fries on your mind? Wrap those precious fry babes in wax paper, and then eat them up from a cone basket.

    7. Double patty hunger got you down? Craft the Big Mac at home.

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    Get a burger turner for those double patties from Amazon for $8.95.

    8. Or if you're a Burger King fan, create the Whopper whenever you want.

    9. Throw some bacon on those burgers in no time, with the master pan.

    10. Curb your drunk pizza delivery habit with a supreme pizza pan and cutter.

    11. Invest in a quality blender and drink the Shamrock Shake all year long.

    12. Ever thought "Wow, I need some nuggets right now" at 2 a.m.? Don't fear, a copycat Chick-fil-A nugget recipe is here.

    13. Truly indulge your love of fast breakfast sandwiches with this two-in-one double breakfast sandwich maker.

    14. Prepare this easy In-N-Out burger sauce recipe, because sometimes fast food is all about the sauce.

    15. Turn your kitchen into Taco Bell with this handy quesadilla maker and 10-minute quesadilla recipe.

    16. Continue to destroy your Taco Bell craving by pouring Taco Bell sauce all over everything.

    17. Whip up tacos in a bag in no time using this mini Crock-Pot.

    18. Get ready for McDonald's copycat fried apple pies at home with these baking mats.

    19. Turn your favorite fruit into soft serve with this dessert blender.

    20. Demolish your desire for doughnuts with a doughnut pan and mix set, so you don't have to cry the next time Krispy Kreme is closed.

    21. Put an end to your cheeseburger needs with this cheeseburger pie recipe and nonstick frying pan.

    22. Utilize a burger press for vegetarian, Shake Shack-inspired stuffed patties.

    23. And try this step-by-step cookbook so the delicious copycat recipes never end.


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