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    23 Genius Ways To Have The Best Movie Night Ever

    Someone press play.

    1. Say goodbye to microwave popcorn and unpopped kernels with this popcorn maker, because every kernel counts.

    2. Upgrade your popcorn even more with a variety pack of popcorn seasoning.

    3. Or, turn your popcorn into a sweet marshmallow bar treat.

    4. Surround yourself with sound thanks to home theater speakers for an immersive movie experience.

    5. Snuggle with a giant pizza plushy while you eat actual pizza.

    6. Opt for a projector that'll work indoors and out, for the big-screen experience at home.

    7. Or, slip your smartphone into this projector for easy DIY streaming.

    8. Never get a neck cramp again with this tilting laptop desk.

    9. Reclaim your Netflix account with this handy account cleaning hack.

    10. Get as comfy as this cat with an oversized bean bag chair.

    11. Put your feet up on this bean bag ottoman that's perfect for your family room/home theater.

    12. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a variety pack of Japanese candy and snacks.

    13. Or, amp up the fun of your next family movie night with this versatile cotton candy maker.

    14. Live your best fandom life with a monthly subscription to Loot Crate.

    15. Indulge your savory and lazy side with delish tacos in a bag.

    16. Keep your tacos warm and nearby with this mini fridge that heats and cools.

    17. Watch movies anywhere in your home with a smartphone virtual reality headset.

    18. Always have the option for a movie time cuddle ~on hand~ with this adorable pillow.

    19. Be as cozy as this dog during every movie forever with this super soft fuzzy fleece blanket.

    20. Fully unwind with aromatherapy as you watch with this Meyer's candle.

    21. Make your floor the best place to be for movies with these giant cushion covers.

    22. Or, binge watch and snack in bed with these precious pillowcases.

    23. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, so you can hit the lights and enjoy ~the dark side~.

    May your next movie binge never end.

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