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    32 Ways To Cook Like The Pioneer Woman

    You'll be cooking like you're on the ranch in no time.

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    1. Zip, bang, boom all your casseroles to the table in an easy to clean, beautiful to present ceramic bakeware set from the Pioneer Woman collection.

    2. Store all the spices and herbs you'll be fixing supper with in another jewel from the Pioneer Woman collection – a ceramic six-drawer spice box.

    3. Or make a DIY spice storage rack via this hack from Nifty.

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    Get your storage needing hands on the full written instructions for this DIY storage jar shelf.

    4. Roll out pies, cookies, with this *adoughable* stoneware rolling pin that'll keep dough from sticking to the table!

    5. Use your rolling pin for this decadent pull-apart cinnamon bread recipe from The Pioneer Woman herself.

    6. Get your hands on Ree's best-selling cookbook so you can learn how to make more right from the ranch recipes.

    7. Let this Hamilton Beach slow cooker from The Pioneer Woman collection slow cook your way into heaven via an easy chicken tortilla soup recipe.

    8. Collect your own family's best slow-cooker recipes using a recipe journal (with room for 200 recipes!) – because nothing says Pioneer Woman more than home-cooked, family recipes.

    9. Bring order and homestead style to the kitchen with this 10-piece set of gorgeous, nesting mixing bowls (lids included!).

    10. Upgrade your cookware to the 10-piece non-stick, pre-seasoned Pioneer Woman vintage speckle set for classic meals prepared in a classic way.

    11. Keep that cookware set scratch-free with a heat-resistant silicone kitchen utensil set.

    12. Become a butter aficionado Ree would be proud of via this homemade cultured butter recipe.

    13. Safekeep your precious butter in this adeline glass butter dish set from The Pioneer Woman, and keep making butter in a Kilner butter churner jar.

    14. Cast away any fear of cooking in cast-iron skillets. The Pioneer Woman loves them for good reason – they last a lifetime, you can cook tons of versatile recipes in cast iron, and they are the perfect cookware for camping and home use.

    15. Serve a supper that'll taste like it came right from the ranch (in under thirty minutes!) – loaded nachos in a cast-iron skillet.

    16. Find all the quick, easy recipes your heart could ever need in this Pioneer Woman cookbook for crazy busy lives.

    17. Clean out your pantry and your fridge regularly so you can enjoy meals as fresh as Ree's specialities. Plus, you never know what goodies are hiding in the cupboard till you look!

    18. Then challenge yourself by cooking up a recipe using the ingredients you collected in your pantry purge. (Or cheat a little with a Pioneer Woman one pot Dutch oven recipe – Italian drip beef recipe from The Pioneer Woman anyone?).

    19. Brine the day away by making homemade pickles any homesteader would fawn over (as will you, homemade pickles are sooo much better than store bought).

    20. Chop things up in the kitchen via a cowboy rustic knife set inspired by the knives The Pioneer Woman uses on her show!

    21. Love those wooden kitchen utensils and whip up some wood conditioner that'll make them last and last.

    22. Don't forget dessert! Ree is a master baker. Start off easy with a plethora of Pioneer Woman cookie recipes.

    23. Bake and cool those cookies like a pro using a non-stick cookie sheet featuring silicone grippers, and a cookie-cooling rack.

    24. Splurge on what may be The Pioneer Woman's favorite kitchen appliance – the KitchenAid stand mixer. It doesn't come custom painted like Ree's, but it is a part of the same Artisan series!

    25. Or, treat yourself to a Artisan KitchenAid mini mixer so you can make the tastiest food you've ever made without the $400+ price tag.

    26. Measure out ingredients with an adorable yet useful five-piece measuring set from The Pioneer Woman collection.

    27. Ensure all the savory meat you serve (like this supreme pizza burger) is just the right temperature with a handy food thermometer.

    28. Grow veggies at home even if you live in an urban neighborhood, so your recipes have that fresh, home grown flavor you just can't get with store bought ingredients.

    29. Learn how to make biodegradable seed starters via this video, or shop at a local farmer's market if you absolutely don't trust your not-so-green thumb.

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    If you don't have the capacity or time to garden at all, check out this local food directory from the USDA so you can find a farmers market near you.

    30. Fill the muffin man with envy with this to die for ceramic muffin pan, and fill the pan with a muffin recipe from Ree's mom!

    31. Present the delish food you've ~pioneered~ in this scalloped serving bowl set, because every good cook knows presentation is just as important as the chefing.

    32. And last but not least, don't forget the drinks! Serve up some raspberry smash cocktails in these gorgeous glass tumblers, and you'll be on a host level only the Pioneer Woman herself can compete with.

    Happy cooking!

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