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    32 Ways To Cook Like The Pioneer Woman

    You'll be cooking like you're on the ranch in no time.

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    1. Zip, bang, boom all your casseroles to the table in an easy to clean, beautiful to present ceramic bakeware set from the Pioneer Woman collection.

    Set includes: a 3.6 qt turquoise baker and 2.3 qt floral baker (dishwasher- and oven-safe).

    Promising review: "Nice and heavy, thick (not for weak wrists), and so pretty! I put them in the dishwasher immediately to get them sterile, and to test their durability. They win with flying colors! I've already made my sweet potato casserole in the largest pan, and the heat was evenly dispersed and browned just right. Let it set on a fabric trivet on the counter to cool just a bit – and then straight to the table! Beautiful colors for presentation. Since it's ceramic, just a quick soak in some warm, soapy water to loosen the gook and into the dishwasher. 'Zip, bang, boom!' The wavy edges make such a lovely food photo too." –DJzMommy

    Get them from The Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart for $19.99 or from Jet for $19.72.

    2. Store all the spices and herbs you'll be fixing supper with in another jewel from the Pioneer Woman collection – a ceramic six-drawer spice box.,

    Features: removable ceramic drawers, distressed wood

    Promising review: "A great addition to my kitchen. I love the eclectic look. I use it for teabags. I could see it be of good use for loosely bagged herbs too. Very well made." –shirely

    Get them from The Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart: the blue spice drawer for $24.60, or the multi-color spice drawer for $28.94. Or, get the multi-color from Jet for $28.94.

    3. Or make a DIY spice storage rack via this hack from Nifty.

    Facebook: video.php

    Get your storage needing hands on the full written instructions for this DIY storage jar shelf.

    4. Roll out pies, cookies, with this *adoughable* stoneware rolling pin that'll keep dough from sticking to the table!

    Promising review: "I just love my new rolling pin. Love the weight of it, and that its cool ceramic base prevents my pie crust from sticking to the table when I pick it up. The handles are just the perfect fit in my hands to keep my knuckles from hitting the table when rolling the crust. It's so pretty. I hand wash it so it doesn't dry the wood out. I'm so glad I purchased this, and can't wait to buy more of Ree's line." –Monica

    Get it from The Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart for $12.72 or from Jet for $12.72 (18.4").

    5. Use your rolling pin for this decadent pull-apart cinnamon bread recipe from The Pioneer Woman herself.

    6. Get your hands on Ree's best-selling cookbook so you can learn how to make more right from the ranch recipes.

    Promising review: "It contains great recipes (many containing plenty of butter; if you are looking for low-fat, low-calorie dishes the pickings will be slim). There are not hundreds of recipes, but a decent variety, and each has step by step instructions that will give even an inexperienced cook the confidence to try these recipes. What sets this cookbook apart is the author's folksy, goofy, good-natured humor; beautifully photographed color photos of every recipe, and many photos of the preparation instructions. You get an glimpse into an Oklahoma rancher's life that makes you feel like you're part of the family, or at least a ranch hand. It's a fun read that will leave you hungry (literally!) for more." –BPLKWW

    Get it from Walmart for $15.60 or from Jet for $15.60.

    7. Let this Hamilton Beach slow cooker from The Pioneer Woman collection slow cook your way into heaven via an easy chicken tortilla soup recipe.,

    Features: spill-proof lid latch for east travel, high, low, and warm settings, removable stoneware and glass lid are dishwasher safe, full-grip handles

    Promising review: "Not only is this the most beautiful slow-cooker out there, but it has the bonus of the spill-proof lid latch. Works like a charm. Get one while they're still in stock." –CaitieBee

    Make an easy chicken tortilla soup with a recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

    Get it from The Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart for $24.96 (available in five colors) or from Jet for $24.96 (six-quart, available in four colors).

    8. Collect your own family's best slow-cooker recipes using a recipe journal (with room for 200 recipes!) – because nothing says Pioneer Woman more than home-cooked, family recipes.

    Get it from Jet for $10.99 (includes conversion tables, quotes, and table of recipes).

    9. Bring order and homestead style to the kitchen with this 10-piece set of gorgeous, nesting mixing bowls (lids included!).

    Set includes: five different sized bowls with lids (hand wash only)

    Promising review: "Love these bowls, so much prettier than the pictures show. The bowls are bigger than expected, but that's a good thing, there's a size for every need. The lids fit tightly, and the bowls have the non-skid bottom, perfect for mixing." –Tracy

    Get them from The Pioneer Woman collection at Jet for $24.50.

    10. Upgrade your cookware to the 10-piece non-stick, pre-seasoned Pioneer Woman vintage speckle set for classic meals prepared in a classic way.

    Set includes: 8" preseason cast iron frying pan, 9" skillet (frying pan), 1.1 Qt. sauce pan with lid, 2.5 Qt. sauce pan with lid, 5.5 Qt. Dutch oven with lid, and 4.2 Qt. jumbo cooker with lid

    Features: dishwasher-friendly, pre-seasoned, non-stick

    Promising review: "I bought the red set nearly a year ago. They have made cooking a breeze, and my eggs never stick to the pans like they did with previous pans. Although they are dishwasher-safe, I've never put them in the dishwasher. They are so easy to hand wash. Please read the instructions before using. Like many non-stick pans, you cannot use at high temperatures, and don't use metal utensils because it will scratch the surface. When storing, put kitchen towels between them to make sure they don't scratch each other. I haven't had any problems with my pans." –JennyH

    Get them from The Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart for $80.07 (available in four colors).

    11. Keep that cookware set scratch-free with a heat-resistant silicone kitchen utensil set.

    Set includes: silicone soup ladle, silicone solid spoon, silicone slotted turner, silicone solid turner (dishwasher safe)

    Get them from the Tasty collection at Walmart for $17.76.

    12. Become a butter aficionado Ree would be proud of via this homemade cultured butter recipe.

    It doesn't get better than homemade butter.

    Get the cultured butter recipe from Always With Butter.

    Tip: add some fresh herbs for a variety of flavored butters.

    13. Safekeep your precious butter in this adeline glass butter dish set from The Pioneer Woman, and keep making butter in a Kilner butter churner jar.,

    Promising review (for the butter dish set): "Love the classic design, looks really fashionable. What I most liked about it is the butter dish is microwaveable." –SuDish

    Promising review (for the butter churner): "Quality craftsmanship. Ease of use. Made delicious butter! Cleaning it is easy." –TL

    Get them from Walmart: the butter dish set for $14.30+ (available in two colors), and the Kilner Butter Churner jar for $39.95

    14. Cast away any fear of cooking in cast-iron skillets. The Pioneer Woman loves them for good reason – they last a lifetime, you can cook tons of versatile recipes in cast iron, and they are the perfect cookware for camping and home use.

    Set includes: one 8" pan, one 10" pan, and one 12" pan (all pre-seasoned)

    Promising review: "I don't know how this set could be so reasonably priced. The skillets were well made, solid, and pre-seasoned. In a department store, I would have paid the same amount for just the large one. Couldn't wait to try searing a steak. Got a professional sear." –Rusty H

    Learn how to cook with cast iron, or check out 21 recipes to try with your new set.

    Get them from Walmart for $21.88 or from Jet for $21.88.

    15. Serve a supper that'll taste like it came right from the ranch (in under thirty minutes!) – loaded nachos in a cast-iron skillet.

    16. Find all the quick, easy recipes your heart could ever need in this Pioneer Woman cookbook for crazy busy lives.

    Promising review: "Fantastic recipe book! Can never go wrong with Pioneer Woman. Item was received in secure packaging, and arrived very fast and undamaged. Recipes are fantastic. All easy to follow, with no super fancy ingredients needed. Nearly everything needed you would already have on hand; so no special trips to the grocery store. Pictures included are clear, crisp, and oh so mouthwatering!" –bubba123456

    Get it from Walmart for $18.12 or from Jet for $18.12.

    17. Clean out your pantry and your fridge regularly so you can enjoy meals as fresh as Ree's specialities. Plus, you never know what goodies are hiding in the cupboard till you look!

    TV Tokyo

    Pantry purge!

    18. Then challenge yourself by cooking up a recipe using the ingredients you collected in your pantry purge. (Or cheat a little with a Pioneer Woman one pot Dutch oven recipe – Italian drip beef recipe from The Pioneer Woman anyone?).,

    Promising review: "I love cooking with Dutch ovens when I'm camping, and this helps give that camping flair and flavor to my meals at home." –Deeds

    Get cooking with the hot and spicy Italian drip beef recipe from The Pioneer Woman. Or check out 17 Dutch Oven Recipes To Die For.

    Get it from Walmart for $39.97 (available in four colors).

    19. Brine the day away by making homemade pickles any homesteader would fawn over (as will you, homemade pickles are sooo much better than store bought).

    Tasty / BuzzFeed

    Check out the full delish instructions, and stock up on some pint glass canning jars.

    20. Chop things up in the kitchen via a cowboy rustic knife set inspired by the knives The Pioneer Woman uses on her show!

    Features: stainless steel, red rosewood handle, hand wash–only

    Promising review: "Absolutely love these knives! Super sharp, right out of the box. Good balance, and very comfortable to use. Been wanting to try the square knife she uses on her show all the time, and figured this was an excellent opportunity to try it without spending $200 for one! I love it. I don't mind hand washing, as all my pots and pans are hand wash only also. No big deal. The item description lists this as having red, rosewood handles so if you want something else, don't but these. Not fair to buy wood, knowing it's wood, and then complain about it!" –Squeak53716

    Get them from The Pioneer Woman Collection at Walmart for $20.94 or from Jet for $20.94 (includes one 8" chef knife and one 6" Nakiri knife).

    21. Love those wooden kitchen utensils and whip up some wood conditioner that'll make them last and last.

    This may be the most homestead thing I've ever seen.

    Give your wooden utensils the love they deserve with a homemade wood conditioner recipe from The Prairie Homestead.

    22. Don't forget dessert! Ree is a master baker. Start off easy with a plethora of Pioneer Woman cookie recipes.

    23. Bake and cool those cookies like a pro using a non-stick cookie sheet featuring silicone grippers, and a cookie-cooling rack.,

    Promising review (for the baking sheet): "Loved this non-stick cookie sheet! It is truly nonstick, and it doesn't rust or stain (so far)! The silicone handles are AMAZING. Can't imagine a baking sheet without the silicone grippers after using this one." –afm55

    Check out a chicken and dressing sheet pan supper recipe from the Pioneer woman to see just how versatile sheet pans can be!

    Get them from the Tasty collection at Walmart: a two-pack of baking sheets for $17.74 and a cookie cooling rack for $8.87

    24. Splurge on what may be The Pioneer Woman's favorite kitchen appliance – the KitchenAid stand mixer. It doesn't come custom painted like Ree's, but it is a part of the same Artisan series!

    Features: solid, all-metal base, five-quart stainless-steel bowl, 10 speeds, 67-point planetary mixing action, flat beater, dough hook, and wire whip included, multipurpose attachment hub

    Promising review: "My sister bought me this for the holiday celebrations. I had announced I wouldn't be baking this year because of my painful shoulders, and arthritic hands. That was unacceptable for my family, so they got me this beautiful, quiet, and mighty machine. I am able to continue making and baking for the whole family – all the breads and goodies they are accustomed to having!" –shoulders

    Get the gorgeous plumberry mixer from Jet for $429.99.

    25. Or, treat yourself to a Artisan KitchenAid mini mixer so you can make the tastiest food you've ever made without the $400+ price tag.,,

    Features: soft start, tilt-head design, comes with coated flat beater, coated dough hook, and wire whip

    Promising review: "I knew that Kitchen Aid mixers were rated highly, but when my husband surprised me with the Artisan mixer, I could not have imagined how much better my baking turned out with this product. I made meatballs that were perfectly blended, delicious, hearty breads, and cakes with the lightest, fluffiest texture I have ever tasted. I know it is vastly superior to my previous mixer, and I find myself looking for recipes just to use it as much as possible. It is a deep, rich color, and I get many compliments on it. I am currently waiting for the grinder attachment to arrive, and I look forward to using that as well. I honestly cannot imagine ever using another brand of mixer from this point forward." –Nancy55

    Get them from Walmart: the twilight blue artisan mini mixer for $229, the guava glaze (pink) mixer for $229, or the aqua sky for $259 (3.5-quart)

    26. Measure out ingredients with an adorable yet useful five-piece measuring set from The Pioneer Woman collection.

    Set includes: 4-cup measuring cup and 4-piece measuring bowls (stoneware measuring cups are dishwasher safe)

    Promising review: "I love these measuring bowls! First, they are super cute. And they're, of course, useful. I love being able to set them out on the counter for decoration, and then just grab them to cook with – instead of searching through a drawer for the correct one." –9/20/2017

    Get them from The Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart for $14.86 or from Jet for $14.86.

    27. Ensure all the savory meat you serve (like this supreme pizza burger) is just the right temperature with a handy food thermometer.,

    Features: Programmed with preset USDA approved temperatures for different types of meat (ground beef, ground poultry, beef, veal, chicken, pork, poultry, lamb, and fish), programmed with preset USDA approved doneness levels for a different types of meat, program your own temperature settings manually, countdown and count up timer, alarm, Celsius/Fahrenheit selector, receiver belt clip, automatic transmitter shut off, probe and wire can withstand up to 716F (380C).

    Promising review: "For our family, the thermometer is a necessary tool in our kitchen. We are able to make sure that food is cooked to the perfect temperature we are looking for. The functions on Therm Pro thermometer let us program the thermometer with a timer, and also lets us select the type of meat we are using – whether it is beef, poultry, veal, chicken, pork, lamb, or fish. We can select if we want our meat rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done. It also lets us set the temperature that meat needs to be. The remote control feature allows us to keep an eye on food while we are busy preparing the rest of the meal. If we need to step away from the food, we are able to keep an eye on it so it doesn't over cook – the timer helps with that as well. The thermometer is really easy to use. It makes cooking more fun and a lot easier." –Derhonda

    Make that mouthwatering pizza burger recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

    Get it from Walmart for $19.99.

    28. Grow veggies at home even if you live in an urban neighborhood, so your recipes have that fresh, home grown flavor you just can't get with store bought ingredients., Rachel Sanders / BuzzFeed

    Ree loves to garden, and for good reason! Home-grown veggies and herbs are the best.

    Find the rooftop gardening tips you need from the Brooklyn Farm Girl, or check out how to start a herb garden on your fire escape.

    29. Learn how to make biodegradable seed starters via this video, or shop at a local farmer's market if you absolutely don't trust your not-so-green thumb.

    Facebook: video.php

    If you don't have the capacity or time to garden at all, check out this local food directory from the USDA so you can find a farmers market near you.

    30. Fill the muffin man with envy with this to die for ceramic muffin pan, and fill the pan with a muffin recipe from Ree's mom!,

    Idk about you but the only cook I trust more than the Pioneer Woman is her mom. Try out her muffin recipe.

    dishwasher- and oven-safe

    Promising review: "They are gorgeous. I have used them for meatloaf, pineapple upside-down cupcakes, and muffins. They clean well." –Cindy

    Get it from The Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart for $12.72.

    31. Present the delish food you've ~pioneered~ in this scalloped serving bowl set, because every good cook knows presentation is just as important as the chefing.

    Set includes: small, medium, and large stoneware bowl, dishwasher safe

    Promising review: "Love the ruffled edge, colors, and sizes of bowls." –dona

    Get them from The Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart for $19.76.

    32. And last but not least, don't forget the drinks! Serve up some raspberry smash cocktails in these gorgeous glass tumblers, and you'll be on a host level only the Pioneer Woman herself can compete with.,

    Set includes: four 16 oz. dishwasher safe tumblers

    Promising review: "Beautiful! Love them so much I bought two sets. You can't go wrong with these gorgeous tumblers. I prefer drinking out of glass, and these are perfect." –MelB

    Get the five minute raspberry smash cocktail recipe from the Pioneer Woman.

    Get them from The Pioneer Woman collection at Walmart for $16.50 or from Jet for $16.50.

    Happy cooking!

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