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    24 Things To Wear On An Airplane So Your Flight Isn't Hell

    Petition to change the definition of the word "flight" to "time spent in an Arctic chamber of noise while surrounded by strangers."

    1. A denim jacket featuring tons of pockets for anyone who wants to keep their stuff on hand (just remember to empty your pockets before you go through security).

    2. A T-shirt dress with pockets to give you the ultimate practical, comfortable combo.

    3. A wristband designed to relieve motion sickness through gentle electrostatic pulses.

    4. A three-pack of soft silicone ear plugs to reduce the pains of air pressure and harsh noise.

    5. A supportive travel pillow that'll ~keep your chin up~ so you can worry about other things, like getting some sleep.

    6. A big ol' scarf so that next time you need a blanket on the plane, you'll be *covered*.

    7. A pair of reading glasses designed to wear on your wrist, for anyone (hint: me) notorious for losing their glasses during travel.

    8. A pair of surprisingly comfy dress pants ready for your next on-the-go business meeting.

    9. A pair of Sony noise-cancelling headphones that won't cost your whole paycheck to get some peace.

    10. A sweatshirt dress to match your ~distress~ level (thank you, screaming babies and turbulence).

    11. And an Ugg wrap sweater you can throw over that dress and lounge away in.

    12. A weighted eye mask that'll create pressure-perfect conditions for your next flight.

    13. A pair of cotton-blend leggings for anyone who wants to keep their cramped legs as comfortable as possible.

    14. A double-knitted hat with built-in headphones you can wear to stay warm and (Bluetooth) connected.

    15. A warm Columbia hoodie you'll love for its practical features – like zippered pockets for safe access to ear plugs, gum, and other airplane essentials.

    16. An anti-theft backpack with a USB charging port to keep you from *losing your shit*.

    17. A pair of soft jogger sweatpants worthy of your capacity for coziness.

    18. A pile-lined hoodie you'll want to crawl inside of and live in forever.

    19. A hooded, long-sleeve dress that'll encompass everything a good travel outfit is made of: comfort, pockets, a hood – even thumb holes.

    20. A pair of Adidas training pants to bring the intensity of sports to prepping for long distance flights.

    21. A lightweight sneaker with a breathable insole so your feet can rest easy, even if you have to run to catch a flight.

    22. A waffle crew neck sweater that just may endanger your love for ~other~ (less snug) sweaters.

    23. A pair of compression socks to keep the weight and stress of traveling off your feet.

    24. And stylish loafer that's as close to a slipper as you're gonna get.

    ✨May your next flight be peaceful and not trash. ✨

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