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    26 Things For Your Phone You'll Wonder How You Lived Without

    A phone sanitizer, charging stations, an instant printer, cable protectors, and other accessories you'll love for your phone!

    1. A phone charging and sanitizing station so you can de-germ your phone using UV light and charge up every night!

    2. A phone case with a battery backup system to charge up on the go.

    3. An adorable Minnie mouse ear bud pouch designed to keep your headphones tangle-free, or your air pods safe and clipped onto your keys when not in use.

    4. A three-in-one cell phone mount, grip, and magnetic mount connector you'll use to easily carry your phone, mount it while cooking, or set up the GPS in the car.

    5. A two-pack of magnetic phone mounts to keep hands-free directions by your side while you are driving around.

    6. And a sturdy car mount for anyone in need of a practical use for their unused CD player.

    7. A set of microfiber cleaning cloths to get pesky smudges off your phone screen for good.

    8. A four-pack of tile trackers that'll track your misplaced items via Bluetooth, so you never lose your phone again.

    9. A durable lighting USB charging cable featuring a handy velcro strap to keep your charger from becoming a cat toy when not in use!

    10. And a 20-pack of cute animal cable bites ready to protect those flimsy Apple cables you already own — good thing there are enough to share because everyone will want to know where you got these from!

    11. Virtual reality goggles so you can use your smartphone to access a whole new world — use these to watch movies on long flights, go on virtual roller coaster rides, play video games, and much more!

    12. A portable universal charger capable of powering three devices at once.

    13. A PopSocket expanding grip/stand for easy holding and selfie-taking.

    14. And a finger ring holder with a more ~evocative~ grip.

    15. An adjustable charging stand so you never have to half-asleep reach for your alarm as it goes off somewhere on the floor again.

    16. A sweatproof workout armband that has enough room for your phone, keys, and wallet.

    17. A mermaid-approved waterproof iPhone camera case to capture amazing underwater shots on your next family vacation.

    18. And a budget-friendly waterproof phone pouch reviewers swear by for shooting underwater videos and keeping their phones dry during all sorts of adventures.

    19. A cute instant printer ready to hook up to any smart phone via Bluetooth and print pictures right off your phone!

    20. A versatile headband with built-in bluetooth headphones and a mic to keep you warm and connected, or to help you drift off to sleep to your favorite relaxing tunes!

    21. A selfie attachment that'll grab your camera-shy doggo's attention and help you snap super cute pics.

    22. A universal remote control port compatible with Androids and iPhones. Control your heat/AC, music, lights, television, and more all from your phone.

    23. A two-pack of glass screen protectors ensures the next time your iPhone drops, it doesn't crack.

    24. A three-in-one smartphone lens kit to take high-res and fish-eye photos with your phone.

    25. An audio cassette adapter for anyone who needs a modern music upgrade. 🚘

    26. And a genius USB charging cable bracelet to ensure you'll always be prepared and able to charge no matter where you are!

    You and your phone forever:

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