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24 Things For Anyone Who Absolutely Loves Doughnuts

Warning: This post may heavily induce doughnut cravings.

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1. A doughnut cookbook designed for rough times (like when Krispy Kreme is closed).

Promising review: "I recently purchased two nonstick doughnut pans, and needed recipes to make baked doughnuts. This is an appetizing cookbook, and I look forward to trying out both baked and fried doughnuts. Tucson is not an area with a plethora of doughnut shops, so I want to be able to make my own when the urge hits. I usually prefer mixing my own products over mixes, and this also allows me to adjust quantity and flavor as desired." –Foofur

Get it from Amazon for $11.84.

3. A DIY coffee and doughnut coloring book tie – get your dad aesthetic to the next level.


5. A nonstick baking pan to go crazy with (if you ~doughnut~ need a boxed mix).

Promising review: "I ordered two of these pans to make doughnuts with my little granddaughters. They work great. Tip: Be careful not to overfill them or the top looks like a muffin. I sent some of the doughnuts we made home with my daughter when she picked up the girls, and she loved the doughnuts so much she ordered two pans for herself. Fun, easy, and yummy!" –Raggedyroad

Get it from Amazon for $6.98.

7. A stainless-steel cutter, because the only thing *batter* than doughnuts are doughnut holes., Lauripatterson / Getty Images

Promising review: "This doughnut cutter is very easy to use and so easy to clean (I don't have a dishwasher, so 'easy to clean' is always a priority). It gave me the perfect size doughnut (and doughnut holes) very quickly. Well, there isn't much more to say. After all, we are talking about a doughnut cutter and not a diamond cutter. But I do love it and am happy not to have to fiddle around with cookie cutters anymore when I make doughnuts." –Dassie

Get it from Amazon for $6.10.


8. A deep fryer to give those doughnut holes a nice warm home., Svproduction / Getty Images

Promising review: "I purchased this FryDaddy deep fryer so I could make Pennsylvania Dutch doughnuts for my husband as a surprise on Father's Day. He grew up in PA and had mentioned how much he loved homemade doughnuts as a kid. This was perfect. It's just the right size and super easy to use and clean. It did not splatter, and the scoop that came in the box made it easy to lift the doughnuts out of the oil. Glad I got it, and we look forward to using it again." –Michelle

Get it from Amazon for $21.93

9. Or opt for this all-in-one mini doughnut maker, for a healthier ~doughsage~.

Promising review: "This is a great little doughnut maker. We have to be gluten-free (celiac disease), so we mostly make all our own treats. This cooks doughnuts up in three minutes, and is easy enough that my 11-year-old is able to use it by himself." –super meep

Get it from Amazon for $19.40.

10. A 10-piece party prop set. Every party should be a doughnut party.

Promising review: "These are fabulous! Really sturdy sticks and the cutouts were pretty sturdy, too. I reused them for a few different parties. Such a great bang for your buck." –Kendra

Get it from Amazon for $5.70.


12. A 24-count K-cup coffee refill that'll *frost* the sense of companionship your doughnuts need.

Promising review: "This is probably one of my favorite roasts for the Keurig. I've tried many, but this one is a really good cup. It's a good medium roast that's not overdone. There is a hint of sweet flavor to it, but it's not overpowering at all. I drink all of my coffee black, and I don't really like sweet coffee, but this is a very subtle flavor that works very well. One thing I have noticed about the Doughnut Shop is that it seems less acidic than some of the other K-Cups I have tried. I like stronger coffee, but you can make it stronger or weaker depending on the amount of water you use." –Tyler Haley

Get it from Amazon for $14.64

13. A novelty mug big enough to get you through any ~dessertation~.

Promising review: "This mug worked great for my doughnut-loving friend. He now uses it as his coffee mug to study with. The only problem is it can't be washed with a dishwasher (never tried but it seems that would be the case so I could be wrong), but it works as a mug should!" –Ben Rodrigue

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

15. A handcrafted giant bowl set for your doughnut-loving doggo.


18. And a pair of ~adoughable~ matching pajamas.


20. A ring that'll make everyone *jelly* of your commitment to doughnuts.

23. A warm pullover for anyone who favors Dunkin'.


The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.