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    24 Things For Anyone Who Absolutely Loves Doughnuts

    Warning: This post may heavily induce doughnut cravings.

    1. A doughnut cookbook designed for rough times (like when Krispy Kreme is closed).

    2. This pool float for anyone who's every wished they could crawl into a doughnut and live there.

    3. A DIY coffee and doughnut coloring book tie – get your dad aesthetic to the next level.

    4. A doughnut pan and mix gift set to give to yourself, lover of all doughnuts.

    5. A nonstick baking pan to go crazy with (if you ~doughnut~ need a boxed mix).

    6. A dessert soap that makes the phrase "I'll wash your mouth out with soap" almost sound appealing.

    7. A stainless-steel cutter, because the only thing *batter* than doughnuts are doughnut holes.

    8. A deep fryer to give those doughnut holes a nice warm home.

    9. Or opt for this all-in-one mini doughnut maker, for a healthier ~doughsage~.

    10. A 10-piece party prop set. Every party should be a doughnut party.

    11. A strawberry frosted flask to increase those drunken doughnut cravings tenfold.

    12. A 24-count K-cup coffee refill that'll *frost* the sense of companionship your doughnuts need.

    13. A novelty mug big enough to get you through any ~dessertation~.

    14. A three-pack of comfy trunks, because one pair of doughnut underwear is *batter* than none.

    15. A handcrafted giant bowl set for your doughnut-loving doggo.

    16. A Pusheen plushy more stoked than you are over the treat in its hands.

    17. A giant strawberry frosted plushy to keep Pusheen company.

    18. And a pair of ~adoughable~ matching pajamas.

    19. A jumbo squishy doughnut toy, it smells like the real thing!

    20. A ring that'll make everyone *jelly* of your commitment to doughnuts.

    21. And a Steven Universe-inspired candle to keep the jelly doughnut love going.

    22. A laptop sleeve – fuel your love for the Krisp.

    23. A warm pullover for anyone who favors Dunkin'.

    24. And pair of fleece slippers to wear when you're ~fried~ at the end of a long week.

    Me AF.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.