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    16 Sous Vide Recipes So Good You'll Side-Eye The Oven

    Get ready for the best steak you'll ever eat in your life.

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    Hey hi hello! You may not know what sous vide cooking is, but I'm here to explain how it works, and why you'll love it.


    Sous vide is a cooking technique that's all about precision. You vacuum seal your food, immerse it in water, and it cooks at a consistent, pre-programmed temp for a set amount of time.

    The first step to sous vide cooking is to vacuum seal whatever it if you want to cook, be it veggies, meats, or even desserts.

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    You can also use a sous vide cooker to cook in a mason jar! More on that later.

    Then, immerse that sealed meal in a pot of water, program the time and temp for your recipe on the sous vide cooker according to the recipe, clip it onto the pot, and you're good to go!


    It's that simple! Some people prefer finishing their food off in a frying pan to get even more flavor, but believe me — that precise AF temperature makes the sous vide method totally worth it. You'll have perfectly cooked, consistent food every time.

    Sous vide cooking has manyyy benefits, including less dishes, healthier food, and perfectly cooked meats/meals every time. Can I get a hell yeah?


    That seal keeps all the nutrients exactly where they should be — in your food and the immersion method means fewer dishes (bc you're cooking in one pot of water vs. multiple pots and pans)!

    Sous vide will also make food prep a breeze. You can cook large amounts of food while you hang out and watch a movie, then seal and freeze meals for later. That's less time in the kitchen and more time eating!

    So without further ado, here are some sous vide recipes that might make you abandon your oven altogether:

    1. A sous vide meal prep guide that'll teach you how to cook shrimp, pesto chicken, and more meal essentials so dinner will be good to go for weeks ahead of time.

    Get the full guide with recipes from Bon Appetit.

    2. A sous vide soft boiled egg recipe to get you started with your new cooking method with something simple (but also delish).

    Get the full recipe from Food 52.

    3. A drool-worthy sous vide strip steak recipe that just may be the simplest way to make perfectly prepared steak.

    This looks soooo good.

    Get the full recipe from Bon Appetit.

    4. A roundup of sous vide veggie sides so you can be BBQ-ready ahead of time.

    View this video on YouTube

    5. A tender chicken breast recipe your family might ask you to make over and over again.

    Get the full recipe from Serious Eats.

    6. A pork belly lettuce cup meal I need in my belly right now, as will you.

    Get the full recipe from Steamy Kitchen.

    7. A sous vide salmon guaranteed to come out just right every time.

    Get the full recipe from Marks Daily Apple.

    8. A cheesecake in a jar recipe as cute as it is delicious. Seriously, who needs an oven?!?

    Facebook: buzzfeedtasty

    So precious.

    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    9. A sous vide take on the reuben so you can get a handle on how many times a week you go over budget at the sandwich shop.

    Get the full recipe from Stasty.

    10. A lobster linguine dish you'll count on to impress the hell out of your next dinner date.

    Facebook: buzzfeedpropertasty

    Get the full recipe from Proper Tasty.

    11. A pork chops and summer succotash recipe to take the dry out of pork chops for good.

    Get the full recipe from Taste Cooking.

    12. An eggs Benedict brunch for anyone in need of an easier way to indulge in the greatest food there is, breakfast food.

    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    13. A glazed carrot recipe you simply sous vide away — say goodbye to unevenly roasted ~oven carrots~.

    Hannah Loewentheil / BuzzFeed / Via

    Get the full recipe from Serious Eats and find more recipes like this here!

    14. A smoked salmon recipe you can make without a smoke gun because there is nothing the sous vide method cannot handle.

    Get the full recipe from 40 Aprons.

    15. A lobster recipe that'll outshine any other way you can make lobster, for ~seal~.

    Get the full recipe from Serious Eats.

    16. And a coconut rice pudding to finish things off with a rich, creamy, couldn't-be-easier-to-make dessert!

    Hannah Loewentheil / BuzzFeed / Via

    Get the full recipe from Anova Culinary and find more recipes like this here!

    Don't forget to get a sous vide cooker if you don't already have one and a food vacuum sealer to seal, marinate, and canister food in minutes., Walmart

    Promising review (for the sous vide cooker): "It works very well, and I have obtained excellent results. I learned a couple of important things: 1) The item being cooked in the bag must be secured fully under the water. 2) The item being cooked needs to be arranged so that water can fully swirl around the item. This works very well, and has sufficient wattage for a number of foods in the bath. I like it a lot." —Robert

    Promising review (for the vacuum sealer): "I took the time to empty my freezer and repackage all of my frozen meat, fruits, vegetables, and breads. It is so worth it. I recently froze bagels and they already had the beginning of freezer burn inside of ziplock bags I had packaged them in. I repackaged, vacuum packed, and labeled everything — and it actually takes up less room in my freezer." —Laurajo

    Get them from Walmart: the Wancle sous vide precision cooker for $109.97 (features digital timer, touch screen controls, stainless-steel base, fits any sized pot) and the Food Saver vacuum sealing system for $78 (features easy latch and lock operation, multi-layer seal prevents freezer burn, removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray)

    Or, check out this budget-friendly sous vide cooker, and manual vacuum sealing system.


    Get them from Walmart: the Mliter sous vide cooker for $58.97 (features temperature control, digital timer, touch screen, and grip that'll fit any pot) and the sous vide bag kit for $19.99 (includes 10 reusable bags, two zip sealers, four container clips, and one vacuum hand pump)

    When dinner cooks itself:

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