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    25 Products That Are Almost Too Queer To Function

    Because being queer is more than glitter.

    1. A beautiful Moonlight art print to keep your wall queer and powerful.

    2. A pomade that's just a pomade, no hyper masculinity needed.

    3. A colorful enamel pronoun pin you can count on.

    4. A button for folks with passing privilege who want to support trans/GNC people existing in unsafe spaces.

    5. A queer-friendly clock, so you know when it's time for ~existential dread~.

    6. A sparkly pen that's not here to play games.

    7. And a super soft pair of gender-neutral underwear to help you through the times.

    8. A RuPaul-inspired makeup bag as fabulous as you are.

    9. A neon print for anyone who has been through this heartbreak, ~sigh~.

    10. A sharp, tailored button down designed with queer folks in mind.

    11. And a woven button down that won't break your budget.

    12. A queer angel pin for you and the best queer angel babes you know.

    13. A Bruce Spring-zine to celebrate Bruce Springsteen, and his mighty butt.

    14. A breathable swimming tank that'll make you feel like an angelic champion in the water.

    15. An encouraging poster for the body dysmorphia struggle.

    16. A two-pack of comfy cotton sports bras.

    17. Unisex suspenders because being queer is even better with suspenders.

    18. A crochet pride flag blanket to keep you warm, cozy, and proud.

    19. A sticker with empowering words from Audre Lorde.

    20. A dress for Steven Universe fans who ship Ruby + Sapphire forever.

    21. A pair of jeans that blurs the lines of gendered clothing.

    22. A NASA-inspired mug that'll make a great gift for your favorite, pun-loving asexual.

    23. A bow tie bright enough to make you the star of your next night out.

    24. A washable pad insert for anyone with a period.

    25. And a monthly subscription to a mind-body wellness box, so you can put yourself first and stay fabulous.

    Go fourth and be queer.

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.