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    30 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

    A Sailor Moon purse, a DNA home test kit, a ramen key chain, and 28 other favorite products from our recent posts.

    1. A book of Vine-inspired poetry that just may become the best poetry book of the year.

    2. A stretchable sweater to keep you warm and compliment your figure.

    3. A DNA testing kit so you can uncover the roots of your ancestry, and maybe even meet some long lost relatives.

    4. A pack of hair extensions you'll love – they are thick, luscious, shiny, heat-resistant, and under $10.

    5. A two-pack of versatile makeup sponges ready to become you next go-to for applying foundation.

    6. A tub of aloe vera gel for revolutionizing your beauty routine – use it for healing scars, oily skin, moisturizer, hair, and more.

    7. A three-pack of soft charcoal toothbrushes that just may make you feel like you've paid the dentist a visit.

    8. A pair of distressed leggings perfect for your next workout or jam session.

    9. A pair of dangly earrings to keep you looking elegant without a big price tag.

    10. An adorable Sailor Moon-inspired purse with features you'll love – like a magnetic lock, four compartments, and an adjustable strap.

    11. A delicate pendant necklace you might never want to ~leaf~ off.

    12. A 15-pack of Ghirardelli hot cocoa for anyone who needs serious help satisfying their chocolate addiction.

    13. A pack of stencils that'll take your journaling and list-making to the next level.

    14. A pair of eyelash extensions so you can show up at the party and flaunt some magnetic magic.

    15. A cozy sweatshirt top I kinda want to crawl into and fall asleep in.

    16. A set of four hair pins that'll keep your hair out of your way, and make you stand out from the rest.

    17. A mug made for anyone who believes profanity is the one true way to express how much you care for someone.

    18. An electric toothbrush — it just may make you throw all of your *other* toothbrushes out the window.

    19. A beard balm worthy of conditioning the luscious locks growing from your face.

    20. A coconut styler cream designed to help your wild curls live their best life.

    21. A vacuum-insulated tumbler made for keeping all of your tea and hot cocoa warm forever.

    22. A set of sharp rainbow knives that'll be just as useful as they are pretty.

    23. A set of microfiber sheets for anyone who adores the feel of soft, silky sheets.

    24. A foot and shoe deodorant spray ready to handle the stinkiest stink feet of all time – goodbye, odor from hell.

    25. A lil' ramen babe keychain so you can have a bowl of tasty ramen on hand at all times.

    26. A knitted sweater dress worthy of throwing on and heading out the door when it's chilly AF outside.

    27. A foot and back self-massage ball for rolling the pain away all day.

    28. A cocktail party dress that just may make your friends think you invented fashion.

    29. A Frizz Ease serum so you can demolish the plague of hair frizz and become unstoppable.

    30. And a unique oversized sweater to live in this winter, because it's cozy AF.

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