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    30 Things For People Who Are Basically Dead Inside

    I'm not a badass, I'm a sad ass.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A giant stuffed Gudetama to snuggle with when life is peak trash and you just need the company of a sad sad egg.

    2. A Wednesday Addams–inspired dress perfect for those days when you can barely deal with getting out of bed and throwing something on.

    3. A Slytherin backpack because you're never gonna stop claiming the house you clearly belong to.

    4. A pair of shoes inspired by the wallpaper in The Haunted Mansion so you can stay haunted wherever you go.

    5. And a pair of socks that'll look deathly cute paired with those shoes.

    6. A candle for any dog lovers who need to unwind after a long day of soul-draining interactions with people.

    7. A T-shirt proudly featuring a heart-warming truth we all know.

    8. An egg mold that is the only egg mold you'll need when it's time to get your dark AF ass out of bed in the morning.

    9. And a coffee mug to pay homage to one of the few joys that exists in this life — caffeine.

    10. A coffin phone case so you can get across how much you don't want to be on the phone to everyone around you.

    11. A gender roles tombstone cutoff for those of us who are fed up with living in a gender-obsessed world and not afraid to show it.

    12. A pin featuring a precious angel who says all you'll ever need to say.

    13. A coloring book filled with existential characters so you can laugh and color your way out of an existential crisis (hopefully).

    14. An existential bunny print that just may warm your cold dead heart.

    15. A skeleton T-shirt to showcase your one and only mood.

    16. A ~blue~ crossbody bag for anyone who rejects all "you can't always get what you want" sentiments.

    17. A body part pin worthy of wearing when you are feeling a lil' extra gruesome.

    18. A cute and spooky cat sticker I need four of, as will you.

    19. A yoga mat so you can show the world that wine is your life-blood while you self-care the day away.

    20. A pair of socks guaranteed to turn some heads because they make it *explicitly* clear you have no hecks to give at all.

    21. A pin that is all of us every day we make the mistake of leaving the dark cave where we reside.

    22. A black crewneck sweater you'll feel motivated to wear when you spend your energy on the only thing worth doing — being petty AF.

    23. A cast-iron dinosaur bottle opener so you can open up a cold one with a big heavy dead thing while you guess how much longer the human race has on this earth.

    24. A T-shirt featuring an adorable yet terrifying bunny to warn people to flee from your dark soul.

    25. A precious patch that'll remind you we're all goners in the end and nothing matters, so no need to stress over silly sh*t!

    26. A T-shirt for anyone who's ready to warn others on the dangers of breaking an already deceased, sad little heart.

    27. And a black denim jacket with a patch so you can throw it on over that tee and let your inner badass triumph over your sad ass.

    28. A Darth Vader alarm clock who will make sure you wake up on the dark side every single morning.

    29. A cozy crewneck sweater to wear to the grave, because it's critical to remind everyone to leave you TF alone at all times.

    30. And a set of ~pretty~ dark covers for anyone who wants to crawl into their bed and never come out on a regular basis. You can also hide from the world via these matching curtains 👀.

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