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    18 Plants For Anyone Who Wants To Add A Little Greenery To Their Home

    🌺 Real plants, faux plants, plant party 🌵

    1. A fragrant potted lavender plant to have on hand for your next aromatherapy DIY.

    2. A colorful hot pepper plant so you can have the spice you need right in your home.

    3. A little lemon tree that'll bear fresh citrus within a year or two of receiving this babe.

    4. A set of three sturdy aloe plants for anyone who wants plenty of aloe for beauty DIYS, smoothies, sunburn care, and more.

    5. A Fukien Tea Bonsai tree with a curved trunk guaranteed to stand out and do well indoors.

    6. A collection of eight succulents you'll adore and fawn over.

    7. A mini-orchid that is cute AF, and easier to take care of (compared to ~regular~ orchids).

    8. A collection of five air plants and planters worthy of transforming a wall into a work of living art.

    9. A maintenance-free Venus fly trap housed in the coolest terrarium you may ever lay eyes on.

    10. A live basil plant (in the variety of your choice) that'll taste delish in your next home-cooked meal.

    11. An organic pineapple plant so you can watch your very own pineapple grow before your eyes.

    12. A 9-1/4" peace lily to bring beautiful flowers and cleaner air to your living room.

    13. A set of four herbs (thyme, oregano, rosemary, and sage) the chef in you shall adore.

    14. An entwined bamboo babe that's sure to make a unique centerpiece on any table.

    15. An artificial airplant napkin holder so you can give the impression that every inch of your house is covered in precious plants.

    16. A large or small artificial fig tree for anyone who wants the feeling of sleeping in the forest (me) without the hassle of being surronded by real trees.

    17. A hanging basket of goldfish blooms worthy of warming your heart and your home.

    18. And a precious, easy-to-grow fern so you can satisfy your need for luscious home decor.

    Your new plant babe.

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