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    23 Delicious Recipes That’ll Help You Use Up Your Fresh Herbs

    Because I've seen my own herbs go to waste, thyme after thyme.

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    1. A simple yet savory scrambled eggs with fresh herbs recipe sure to make an *eggsquisite* breakfast.

    Get the full recipe from A Couple Cooks .

    2. A five-ingredient BBQ chicken-stuffed sweet potato you can load up with chives and pack for lunch!


    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    3. A drool-worthy garlic herb-stuffed pork chop that'll keep that chive love going strong.

    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    4. And a six-ingredient herb-stuffed mushrooms recipe for anyone who doesn't eat meat, but wants to ~stuff~ on a delish recipe.

    Get the full recipe from Elana's Pantry.

    5. A summer potato salad just waiting to be loaded with the dill and chives in the fridge.

    What even is potato salad without fresh herbs?

    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    6. A carrot dog you can prepare four different ways so you can keep those vegetarian summer vibes going!

    I want to try these 👀.

    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    7. A super herby spaghetti and chicken meatball dish the fam will ask you to make over and over again.

    Get the full recipe from pinch of yum.

    8. A garlic herb pita chip and garlic herb hummus basically begging to be made together — say bye to all the garlic and herbs in your fridge!

    The best way to use up fresh herbs is the snack way imo.

    Get the full recipes from Tasty: garlic parmesan and herb pita chips and garlic and herb hummus

    9. A mashed cauliflower recipe filled with parsley and chives you can serve alongside your main dinner dish.

    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    10. A lemony herb salad that just may have more fresh herbs in it than your local grocery store.

    Adding whatever fresh herbs you have on hand onto any salad is a phenomenal way to use them up btw!

    Get the full recipe from Bon Appetit.

    11. And a fresh herb vinaigrette sure to make any salad pop with flavor.

    Get the full recipe from Serious Eats.

    12. A garlic herb baked wing dish someone must throw in their oven pronto, because I am salivating profusely and need these in my life.

    I know it sounds simple but a little salt, a little pepper, some garlic, and herbs will create some of the best chicken you've ever had in your life.

    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    13. A corn on the cob (made honey herb style) you'll want to serve up all summer long.

    Sweet corn + fresh herbs + honey = heaven.

    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    14. A cilantro, parsley, and oregano-infused chimichurri sauce so your herbs can live on in a tasty sauce instead of dying a sad wilting death.

    Pair this sauce with steak, pizza, meatballs, and more! It'll last up to two weeks in the fridge.

    Get the recipe from 40 Aprons.

    15. A watermelon salad meant to refresh you on a super hot day.

    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    16. A garlic herb shrimp and spaghetti squash meal that'll impress everyone you have over for dinner.

    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    17. A DIY rosemary-infused olive oil for anyone who wants to taste the taste of herbs in every meal they cook.

    Get the full instructions from Just Putzing.

    Check out a similar basil-infused olive oil recipe from epicurious.

    18. A delish pesto sauce ready to use up the extra basil you know you're gonna have on hand.

    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    19. And a fig and walnut salad that shall also pair beautifully with my personal fav herb — basil forever.

    Get the full recipe from pickles n honey.

    20. A lemon herb tofu marinade so you can ensure the tofu in your future always tastes amazing.

    Get the full recipe from Tasty.

    21. A vegan fruit- and herb-infused popsicle stick I am honestly fawning over, as will anyone who makes this tasty treat.

    22. A lemon mint iced tea for anyone who is very over the sizzling heat and very into caffeination during all seasons.

    Get the full recipe from Paleo Leap.

    23. And a guide to growing, drying, and making your own herbal teas to ensure you're a pro at using up herbs in no time!

    View this video on YouTube

    Get the full instructions from Nifty.

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    Features: triples the typical lifespan of any fresh herb, transparent window so you can see the herbs, BPA-free plastic shell with rubber stopper at opening, fill reservoir with water to preserve, pour spout to refresh water, fits in fridge door

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    You in your herb garden:


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