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    Reasons To Attend CKIx 2015

    Still not convinced on whether you should go to CKIx 2015? Perhaps this article will help you make a decision! Visit to register!

    1. The picture is self explanatory.

    2. Meet people from around the world!

    3. Experience new service projects!

    4. See Hellogoodbye perform live!

    5. Enjoy a huge pancake breakfast!

    6. There's going to be a birthday block party!

    7. Be part of elections and vote on international business!

    8. Get to visit a whole new city and see new things!

    9. Enjoy a fireworks show!

    10. Kiwanis turns 100!

    11. Participate in valuable workshops!

    12. Add some spice to your summer break!

    13. Be a part of the Hawthorne Neighborhood project with fellow CKI-ers!

    14. Get to meet and serve with International Board members!

    15. Save $70 from last year and $100 more when you register by April 17!

    Save that money and register today!

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