10 Things I Don’t Understand About The Zimmerman Verdict

On July 13, 2013 the George Zimmerman verdict came back as “not guilty”. Here are 10 things I don’t understand about the Zimmerman verdict.


1. How can you shoot and kill and unarmed teenager and not at least get manslaughter?


2. Why do people keep asking “Why do you care so much? People are killed are the time and it doesn’t become national news. You should give this much attention to XYZ”


3. How can people say this case isn’t about race?


4. Why do people keep bringing up “black on black crime”?


5.Why do people keep bringing up that George Zimmerman isn’t white?


6. Why does juror B37 keep showing her ass.


7. Why were so many people hating on Rachel Jeantel?


8. Why was Don West such a smug jerk?


9. Why are people that support this verdict, going out of their way to attack those of us that are grieving?


10. What are we supposed to do now?

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