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    23 Cats Who Absolutely Will Not Let You Go To The Bathroom Alone

    "It might be dangerous in there. I think I should come with you, OK?""

    1. "What are you doing in there? Maybe I could help."

    /u/UtilityPole / Via

    2. "I'll just hang out over here. You won't even notice me."

    /u/Omicron_Persei_7 / Via

    3. "See? I blend right in!"

    /u/sjrose / Via

    4. "Seriously, this isn't funny. Just open the door already."

    /u/jaws918 / Via

    5. "Is the dog in there with you? You guys are plotting against me, aren't you?!"

    /u/haileeykinng / Via

    6. "I wasn't spying on you. I just, uh, like to hang out in here."

    /u/captcash / Via

    7. "There was a spider in the tub. I killed it. You're welcome. Now come clean up this dead spider. It's gross."

    8. "I'm not being creepy. It's my bathroom, too."

    /u/adrastala / Via

    9. "Oh, are we in your way?"

    10. "You wanted privacy? It's just you and me. That's private."

    /u/goibarga / Via

    11. "This seems excessive. Can't you just lick yourself?"

    12. "I'm keeping it warm for you."

    /u/nitryl / Via

    13. "Why is your drinking bowl so much bigger than mine?"

    /u/madeinjapan89 / Via

    14. "Were you looking for shampoo? You got cat instead! How lucky! Now scratch my ears."

    /u/lionclues / Via

    15. "You wanted to wash your hands? You can wait. Priorities."

    /u/steevka / Via

    16. "I didn't do it, and even if I did, I'm invisible, so the point is moot."

    /u/gooddogisgood / Via

    17. "No, you can't put your dirty shirt in here! This is my bed now."

    /u/runez4 / Via

    18. "This is also my bed. Everywhere is my bed."

    /u/arcticsilence / Via

    19. "Hi. I checked up here for danger. All clear. Help me down?"

    /u/proffessormchugeballs / Via

    20. "I did the unrolling bit for you!"

    /u/monkeyinatub / Via

    21. "Please, carry on. We'll just watch."

    /u/trustmeimabartender / Via

    22. "I love spending quality time with you."

    /u/synonymouswith / Via

    23. "I have to go now. There's no one sleeping on your keyboard!"

    /u/salazar_gryffindor / Via
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