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13 Ways To Be A Productive Procrastinator

Procrastination is given a bad name. There's plenty of ways you can use the time off to be productive. Weaving little errands into your revision session will help you take a break and get things done. Here are a few recommendations to get you started:

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1. Finish all your washing up!

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This is surprisingly therapeutic. This simple trick will help you take a break but trick your brain into thinking you're getting things done, so when you come back to your station, you'll feel like conquering more tasks.

3. Try learning something new on Quora

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Tend to jump on Facebook when you procrastinate? Try Quora, it's a Q&A site for experts. You'll be sure to learn something new, it might even be about the topic your studying in classroom, or something totally random of value.

4. Break out for a yoga session

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Yoga is so cliche you say, but a quick yoga session will help you stretch, clear your mind and focus on your body's flexibility. Before you know it, you'll be refreshed and ready to get that essay done.

5. Create a short bucket list

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Sounds silly. But bucket lists for different aspects can help you with your work. These bucket lists can be a guide to what you want to get done when you complete this work, it's a goal to hit after you finish your work.

6. Create a morning routine checklist

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This is something many people don't try. Create a short checklist for your next morning, everything from teeth brushing to breakfast. Follow this routine for a week for neat results, a neat way to spend your procrastinating time.

7. Fix your outstanding computer issues

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Has a pop-up been annoying you over the last week, or maybe storage problems? Spending 10-minutes fixing those problems can help reduce stress with future activities and nail your procrastination.

8. Create a journal entry

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Journaling has many health and mental benefits. It's like giving your brain a chance to de-stress. Whether you're a girl or a boy, start writing! Write down all the worries and things that has happened in your day. It'll help!

10. Take 5-minutes to read a fiction book

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Fiction books can spark some creativity now and then. Grab your fiction read and get to it. Start with 5-minutes and only think about the book. When you come back to your work your vocabulary will be much more advanced.

11. Find a few productive YouTube channels

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Jump on YouTube... It's okay! Find some videos from Mimi Ikkon, Lavendaire, Gary Vaynerchuk and re-motivate yourself. Chances are you need a kick or a nudge to start working harder, and that's it!

12. Pick 3-4 long distant friends to email

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No point in wasting time. Spring onto email and drop a short message via email to old buddies or long-distance friends. Good thing with email, they won't reply instantly, avoiding any instances of escaping work.

13. Pack your bag for tomorrow

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Just started planning for the next day. Pack your bag or satchel and prepare an agenda for the next day. It's a great way to de-stress, as you'll be ready for whatever hits you tomorrow, in case you fall asleep on your laptop!

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