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Insider Guide To Getting The Best Tire Paint Results

If you decided to make the leap and apply tire paint to your car’s tires, congratulations on your leap into boldness. But you probably still have a lot of questions regarding the specific application of your tire paint that you need answered.

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What kinds of tire paint colors are available?

As the tire paint industry has continued to expand over time, more and more colors have become available. Like car paint, tire paint is now available in almost every color imaginable:

Primary colors: red, blue, and white

Secondary colors: green, orange, purple (and pink)

Basic colors: white, silver, and gold

But although consumers can choose from almost any color, white still makes up over 50% of all tire paint sales in the US. Red is the second most popular color.

Why is white the most popular tire paint color?

There are several reasons why white has established itself as the most popular tire paint color:

Because tires are black, white—which, of course, is the opposite of black according to color theory—stands out the most of any paint type.

Many people like to paint over the manufacturer’s lettering on their tire, and because many of these companies have logos that are primarily white, it makes sense to use white tire paint.

People also like to paint their tires in order to imitate the driving professionals that inspire them. Because both NASCAR and Formula One drivers use white tire paint above and beyond every other color, it is unsurprising that their fans prefer to do the same thing.

What are the colors of the most popular tire brands in the United States?

If you’re hoping to paint the manufacturer’s name that is probably printed on the outside of your tires, keep the following list in mind:

Bridgestone: the logo itself is black with just a little bit of red, but because black paint does not show up on black tires, it is a better idea to use white paint.

Continental: the company usually uses an orange logo, which is another color that stands out boldly on a black tire.

Cooper: the company’s logo is primarily blue and gray, but because both of these colors can be difficult to see from a distance, Cooper is another tire manufacturer that opts to use white tire paint.

Firestone: this company uses both red and white versions of its logo which, unsurprisingly, are the two most popular tire paint colors on the market.

Goodyear: this company’s primary logo color is yellow, which—because it is usually the lightest color available other than white—can look exceptionally bold on a tire.

Michelin: like the lovable marshmallow-like Michelin Man himself, the company’s logo is white. Michelin is among the most commonly painted tire brands in all of the United States.

Pirelli: like Firestone, Pirelli tires has a fiery red logo that can either be painted red or white on the tires themselves. Both colors look bold and can easily be read from a distance.

What part of my tire is the best for painting?

As mentioned, the manufacturer’s letters are the most popular part of the tire to paint a different color. But beyond these, anywhere on the tire’s sidewalls can actually be painted. If you are more of a traditionalist, you might want to limit yourself to painting just the letters and logos as they appear. But if you are the creative type who likes to experiment, you can paint your tires to display any number of interesting patterns. Geometric designs and multi-colored designs—though they may require a bit more skill and effort of the painter them self—can both offer a bold new look, especially while the wheels are in motion.

How do I best prepare my tire in order to paint it?

In order to get the best results possible, there are several things you need to do before you begin the process of painting your tires:

You need to make sure that your tires are absolutely clean. Any dirt, sand, debris, or shine that exists on your tires at the beginning of the painting process will inevitably make the painting process more difficult and keep you from getting the best results.

Scrub thoroughly with soap and water in order to assure the best results possible. It is important to make sure there is no residue left on your tires at the time of painting, especially that which might come from tire shine.

Apply rubbing alcohol to assure absolute cleanliness. Once you know that your tires are clean, be sure to rinse and dry one more time. The drier your tires are at the beginning of the painting process, the easier it will be to apply the paint, and the more effective the paint will be.

Why should I paint my tires?

One of the greatest things about owning a car is that not only does it enable you to get where you need to go, but it becomes a unique medium of your own through which you can express yourself. There are hundreds of different ways you can alter the exterior (or interior) of your car in order to make it unique from the Jones’, but many of these alterations—especially thorough and complex cosmetic alterations—can be incredibly expensive. But if you are looking for an easy, affordable, and distinctive way through which you can express yourself, tire paint is one of the best options available.

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