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4 Rules To Dominate Google’s Search Results

The importance of Google has only risen over the years, and the impact is strong. This means that constant effort should be made in this direction and if you’re not satisfied with the efforts you’re taking here, it will be difficult for you to even understand Google’s core search algorithm. To help you not only learn about but also dominate Google search results, we have made a list of rules that should be followed by you.

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Rule 1: Authority Profile makes an impact

Google, like every other search engine, is interested in looking for healthy link profiles. It is important because it signifies authority and ensures the quality link is coming from quality content keeping this in mind, you should make sure that you’re creating a healthy link profile and sending the right signals to Google. SEO service providers like Firefly Search can guide you in this case.

Rule 2: Engaging Content is important

A well written, lengthy and keyboard centric content is important. Well, if it is not highly engaging as far as readers are concerned, registering that content will not be easy even on Google. Major anchors tether you to relevancy algorithm of Google and so you need to be sure that your content is effective and engaging.

When we talk about engaging content, we know that it is not easy to come up with something good all the time. This can again be an issue because size does really matter and you can use an option of providing thin content. Thin content is one that is short on length and even value.

Remember: Thin content is good but do not use it too often.

Rule 3: Your website's age is more important than its beauty

An amazing website will get good response from visitors as well as Google. However, your website’s age is still an important point because Google is looking for link consistency over time. Many websites load quickly, look amazing and are easy to navigate, but the problems exist because they fall short of age. The index page of your website will make a huge impact and so you should give it enough time and stay consistent as far as link building and quality content is concerned.

Rule 4: Using the right amount of keywords

If having one keyword in your content is bad, having 10 of them can even be bad. So, it is important to understand this and make sure that you use the right amount of keywords in every content posted on your website. This means you’ll have to determine the number of keywords depending on the length of your content. For example, using three or four effective keywords in a 500 worded article is acceptable.

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