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Ten Signs You're #SooooCollege

Lets be honest, college is amazing.

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1. The viable food in your kitchen contains several packets of Ramen Noodles, a stale loaf of white bread ($0.67 at Walmart), a half drank bottle of Burnett's Pineapple Vodka from that one night we all don't speak of, and a potato.

2. The library is somewhere you go to procrastinate and not complete any of your assignments, but you still leave feeling productive A.F. I mean, you did make it all the way to the library. That counts... right?

3. The only time you use a backpack is to smuggle food out of the dining hall without getting caught.

I once brought containers to the dining hall to steal milk and cereal. I ate like a king that week.

4. You wake up at 2pm on a Saturday, eat breakfast, then mentally prepare yourself to go out and do it all over again.

6. The sun finally comes out after a long winter and you suddenly think the campus lawn is the beach, and if you're a guy you mysteriously misplaced ALL of your shirts.

Suns out, guns out!

7. That moment you try to remember the last time you did laundry while plucking a pair of jeans out of your hamper and giving it the old smell test. Then proceeding to put those jeans on your body and spraying yourself with an entire bottle of perfume.

8. Sitting in lecture hall and paying more attention to the tango dancing golden retriever on the laptop in front of you than the actual lecture.

9. Tasting freedom and independence for the first time. That is, until you need to call and make a doctors appointment over winter break.

Lets be real, your mom still does that for you.

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