25 Photos Of Dogs That Got Very Into The Thanksgiving Spirit

    Blessing your timeline.

    1. This guy who is all decked out:

    2. These siblings who are patiently waiting for leftovers:

    3. This happily-stuffed pup:

    4. This turkey who is being a good doggo:

    5. And this fluffer who has definitely done this before:

    6. This dog who is literally Thanksgiving dinner:

    7. This puppy's first Thanksgiving:

    8. This blue-eyed turkey-dog who is ready for some noms:

    9. This doodle who stole the turkey leg from Thanksgiving dinner:

    10. This floof who loves her feathers:

    11. These bubs who are waiting for food to fall on the floor:

    12. This wild turkey in its natural habitat:

    13. This turkey head:

    14. This big guy who takes Thanksgiving very seriously:

    15. This shy little turkey:

    16. This turkey butt:

    17. This "little brown dog" who wants to ruff up some feathers at the dog park:

    18. This woofer who is second guessing his Thanksgiving outfit choice:

    19. These pups who decided to vacation for the holidays:

    20. This festive chef:

    21. This gobble head:

    22. This DIY turkey:

    23. This cutie who had too much to eat:

    24. This guy who is wondering when dessert is:

    25. And finally, this doggo who is ready for his Thanksgiving nap:

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