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Craigslist Rants And Raves You Need To Read To Believe

"I'm harmless, fun, and respectful.. Just a purveyor of fine assets..."

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Everyone needs an expressive outlet sometimes. That's where the Rants and Raves section of Craigslist comes into play where people rant, rave, and advertise the strangest requests on the internet.


1. This person is just looking for a fellow snake fetish partner:

2. This guy just raving about Waikiki ~brests~:

3. Just seeking some medical advice about erectile dysfunction:

4. Well, this seems legit:

5. This guy ranting about how he doesn't "love how long it takes to pick out a jar of peanut butter", but also doesn't find it weird:

6. A PSA announcement about a ladies man douche bag:

7. Anyone else just discover a world of knowledge?:

8. This person who is using Craigslist for modern day romantics:

9. This guy who is just looking for "good places to chill and eat and of course 420":

10. This guy who is just looking for some breasts:

11. A purveyor who just loves tits:

12. Well, that's one way to make money:

13. Maybe the previous girl can hook him up:

14. This guy who is just looking to further his education:

15. This ad where the only credentials be that you are "clean and healthy":

16. This rant/rave with a strong meme game:

17. What every girl dreams her first date will be like:

18. This ad you want to answer but know you shouldn't:

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