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8 Outrageous Gag Gifts You Can Mail To Your Friends

Or your sworn enemies.

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1. An eggplant

You can now send friends an eggplant with a custom message. This service started because the eggplant emoji was being overused and abused when messaging. Now people are using it to make up, break up, and just to be downright creepy. For only $11.99, you can join in on the fun.

2. A potato

Potato Parcel / Via

Potato Parcel will send your best spud a potato! The most basic option allows you to write a custom message of up to 130 characters. Other gifts include, the potato pal that lets you send your face or upload any image with the potato postcard!

3. A glitter bomb

Ruin Days / Via

The glitter bomb by Ruin Days does just that... ruins someone's day. You can now anonymously send glitter to your mortal enemies that will be sure to end up in every crevasse. For just $0.88 more, you can send double the glitter for double the revenge.

4. An annoying box of sand

Ruin Days / Via

Just like glitter, sand ends up everywhere and is impossible to clean up. This gag gift is filled with sand that "will surely get all over their carpet and stay there for the rest of their lives." This item is currently sold out, so check back periodically.

5. A middle finger

Bird by Mail / Via

Bird by Mail is a middle finger distribution service that will mail your target an image of, you guessed it, a middle finger. They have three different types of birds available- the child bird, the lady bird, and the original bird (seen above). Best part? Free domestic shipping.

6. A smelly candle

Prank Candles / Via

Prank Candles created the gift that keeps on giving. It all started with a group of friends on April Fools Day back in 2015 over a few beers. This candle starts out smelling great but then turns very, very smelly. Aromas like fresh roses and vanilla will turn to sweaty butt crack and vomit. It's the perfect house warming gift!

7. A box of nothing

Prank Candles / Via

Everyone loves receiving packages in the mail. Now you can send a Box of Nothing to your closest fri(enemies)ds. Imagine how excited they will be when they check the mail only to find a box full of nothing! It is the perfect gift that creates "confusion that lingers". Anonymous shipping available.

8. A piece of poop

I Poop You / Via

According to their website, I Poop You is a professional poop delivery service that will deliver eco-friendly, farm raised animal poop to that special someone. Once your poop of choice is selected and purchased, the poop (in a leak-proof container) will be shipped in 3-5 business days. You can even send the poop in a special gift box!

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