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25 Hilarious Photoshop Edits By The Very Funny James Fridman

"Hey James, I'm happy in this picture but I'm emo.. Can you make me look sad in it please? Moses bless."

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James Fridman is a designer that takes Photoshop requests on Twitter and edits them in a very literal way. He edits and creates photos that will make you laugh so hard and even say WTF.

1. Was this how the fight was supposed to end?

2. Her glass was so full it overflowed, clearly.

3. Her face is technically smaller now.

4. Yup, James did what he was asked of.

5. Ah, much better.

6. You'll LOL when you see it.

7. THIS awesome clapback to a body shammer.

8. Nothing beats fresh sushi.

9. Dobby is arguably one of the best characters of the series.

10. You're lying if you weren't jealous of her.

11. Thank goodness dinosaurs went extinct.

12. How about when James made this girl's dream come true?

13. And AGAIN. Unicorns come in all shapes and sizes.

14. Flawless execution.

15. Literally everyone's nightmare. So. Many. Teletubbies.

16. What a long desirable leg.

17. Yup, I see the resemblance.

18. "Super big."

19. Introducing the newest character to the franchise... Curlbacca.

20. What a creative genius.

21. At least he tried.

22. James is always there to prove the haters wrong.

23. A Photoshop we can all relate to.

24. Who is he.

25. Moses bless.

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