17 Pure, Hilarious Things Children Actually Asked Santa To Bring Them For Christmas

    "A kiss from Morgan Freeman."

    1. Picture of me with vanilla waffle:

    A kid brought Santa his Christmas list and he wants a photo of himself with a vanilla waffle??? Uh what???

    2. Blue balls:

    3. A shark that goes underwater and grabs me corndogs that are already baked:

    4. Snake cannon (shoots real snakes):

    5. My wall signed by Jesse McCartney:

    finding stuff like my christmas wish list from 2007 makes me miss being a little kid 😭😭

    6. White tits:

    7. http://www.amazon.com:

    8. Flesh light:

    9. A picher of a girl!!:

    10. Dark soul:

    11. 1,000 $ Bill:

    This is forreal my 9 year old nephews Christmas list... it starts out with joggers and “Rolex’s” 😂 wtf finished wit… https://t.co/8yddDz2itk

    12. Chipotle burrito and a Gucci ring:

    13. Giant cockroach:

    14. Hottest girlfriend:

    15. Kid Yezeys that are real:

    My 8 year-old son made his Christmas list in June because he wants to give Santa time to make kid Yeezys.… https://t.co/CDwdQKRMOL

    16. Jack Black:

    My dad found a Christmas list I made as a kid... if you think I’m weird now, ya shoulda seen me back then

    17. And finally, a kiss from Morgan Freeman:

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