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16 Clever "Stranger Things 2" Tweets That Every Fan Has To See

"Son of a bitch. You're really no help at all, you know that?" - Dustin

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1. This deleted scene:

Via Twitter: @hqrrington

2. This cosplay costume:

this guy cosplaying as Eleven from Stranger Things just made my entire day

Via Twitter: @driedmeme

3. This relatable tweet:

Stress Level: Winona Ryder in every single scene of Stranger Things

Via Twitter: @ohhewantstheP

4. This fresh wound:

The whole world when Bob was running away from the demodog. #StrangerThings

Via Twitter: @Pixeltini

5. This familiar clip:

Via Twitter: @NickSplat

6. This new discovery:

7. This new dance move:

Jim Hopper dancing to Barbie Girl #StrangerThings @Stranger_Things @noah_schnapp @milliebbrown @FinnSkata…

Via Twitter: @hopperdancingto

8. This party member:

the kids disobeying steve’s orders

Via Twitter: @finnkeery

9. This inspirational tweet:

never apologize for being who you are unless you’re billy hargrove from stranger things 2

Via Twitter: @poetickate

10. This adorable Stranger Cat:

Who should I do next ? #StrangerThings 😘🐈

Via Twitter: @WafflesCat

11. This baby-sitter-of-the-year:

When you gotta babysit the kids #StrangerThings

Via Twitter: @UpsideDownFacts

12. This DILF:

Dad of the year award goes to... #StrangersThings

Via Twitter: @UpsideDownFacts

13. This political statement:

nothing but respect for MY ghostbusters

Via Twitter: @GirlsNoteBook

14. This in memoriam:

“Barb deserved better” First of all, Bob Newby was a Superhero one that Hawkins needed but not one that it deserved #StrangerThings2

15. This perfect script writing:

One of Dustin’s best lines this season #StrangerThings

16. And, THIS:

so... Mike called Eleven every night for 353 days 353 days 3 + 5 + 3 = 11

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