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    The 10 Stages Of A Girls' Night Out On A Weekday

    One drink only... per bar!

    It's that time of the week again


    Wine Wednesdays or Thirsty Thursdays?

    1. You know what's up when your BFF group chat starts popping up on a hump day.


    "Okay, but one drink only pls!" Said no one ever.

    2. The moment you all see each other, you scream at the top of your lungs like there's no tomorrow.



    3. It always starts with...


    We all have that one friend who knows the 411 better than Gossip Girl — the smarty pants in high school who got knocked up, the never-ending engagements, the break-ups, the new couple, the latest squeeze of the Kardashians, etc. Yup, high school never ends!

    4. Just when you thought dinner was over, the cute bartender gives your squad free tequila shots.


    Who says no to free drinks?

    5. Then you realize that it's never going to be just one drink even on a weekday.


    *Contemplating on my poor life decisions*

    6. So you unleash your alter ego and party like it's the freakin' weekend.


    "I'm a hard working millennial and I deserve to have fun."

    7. The next thing you know, you're all dancing with a bunch of strangers.


    ...and trying to find love in a hopeless place.

    8. At some point, you reach the emotional drunk phase.


    Aka the time you confess how much you love the crap out of your BFFs and how badly you want to marry the boy you just met at the bar. Hello alcohol, my old friend.

    9. After one too many drinks, you find yourself passed out in bed.


    And then you always wonder how the heck you get your wasted self home in one piece every single time. #warrior

    10. The next day, you realize that you're actually an adult with responsibilities.


    So you fight through the hangover and smile at your boss like an innocent creep. Work hard, party harder they say.

    Well, girls just wanna have fun!


    Same time, same place squad!

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