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What's Your Haunted College Campus Story?

Do you have school "spirit"?

For most, college is a time of late-night study sessions, weekend frat parties, and stolen glances at the cutie in the lecture hall.

But for others, more sinister events have happened, with paranormal entities terrorizing their college campus — and we want to hear your story!

Maybe you woke up to the feeling of an icy-cold hand wrapping around your neck, as people have reported at Keating and Finlay Hall at Fordham University.

Or perhaps you heard unexplainable voices or saw objects flying past you, like students living in Wilson Hall near room 428 at Ohio University have reported.

Maybe you saw a woman with braided hair and no face wandering across the campus like at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

We want to hear what paranormal experience has happened to you while away at college!

Share your haunted college campus story via the DropBox below. We will feature the best and most spine-chilling responses in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!