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    32 Tweets That Proved Wells Adams Is Relatable AF

    Can we be friends?

    For those who are not a part of Bachelor Nation, this is Wells Adams — Bachelorette contestant, Bachelor in Paradise bartender, and huge dog-lover. Oh, and he's also a master of Twitter.

    Here are some of his most relatable tweets:

    1. When he spoke this actual truth about dogs:

    I'm more likely to remember your dogs name than your name. Also, I'd rather hang out with your dog.

    2. And then he didn't hesitate to say it one more time:

    If we're friends, there's a solid chance it's cus I really like your dog.

    3. When he asked the ONLY important question we think of every Saturday morning:

    What level hangover is it when you @Postmates water?

    4. When he shared this huge triumph and we all cheered:

    I successfully inserted a USB cable into the oulet plug without having to flip it around. Who says miracles don't happen?

    5. When he called out the annoying people of the Internet so we didn't have to:

    Social Media PSA: If someone starts a sentence with "Hey Guys" it means they are about to try and sell you some crap

    6. And when he called out the posers in cheesy clothes:

    If you’re wearing a sweatshirt that says “Sunday Funday,” there’s a good chance you’ve never had fun on a Sunday.

    7. When he pointed out that he experiences the same struggles as everyone else:

    I dunno what's worse. Getting diarrhea or trying to spell diarrhea

    8. When he addressed a true travel concern we all have:

    You guys ever had to put your bag in the overhead bin like 5 rows behind your seat? Deplaning with that set of circumstances is horrifying.

    9. When he wished he had mo' money in the bank like we do every 👏 single 👏 day:

    I took me a long time to realize that success has nothing to do with money. But also, I’d like some more money...

    10. When he expressed the pure pain of knowing how many calories you are really consuming:

    Putting a calorie count on a menu is some real psychopath stuff

    11. When he was living the lifestyle we all aspire to have:

    Tonight I made 3 burgers, drank a bottle of white wine and watched college football with my dog. I'm living my best life.

    12. When he stood in solidarity with all the kale-haters:

    The only problem with kale is that it doesn't taste good.

    13. When he tweeted about the joys we have as we become an adult:

    Remember back in college when your friends would just show up at your house unannounced? I’m glad people don’t do that anymore.

    14. When he shared the real AF struggle of finding food after fully stocking the kitchen:

    I just spent $300 at the grocery store and now I feel like there’s nothing to eat..

    15. When he shared his take on the struggles of having winter skin:

    I could bathe in a cocoon of jergens lotion and I’d still be scalier than a lizard on the surface of mars.

    16. When he called out the randos on your Facebook friends list:

    I honestly don't know who half the people I'm friends with on facebook are...

    17. And then called out your friends who aren't even on Facebook:

    If you're not on Facebook, do you even have a birthday?

    18. When he gushed over this amazing wardrobe compliment that we so desperately try to achieve:

    Burrito Artist at Chipotle: "I like your outfit" Me: "Thanks!" Burrito Artist at Chipotle: "it's like you didn't try, but you care" Me: "it's like you can see right into my soul"

    19. When he tweeted about lifestyle choices we all wish we made:

    Oh, so it's completely fine to watch sports, get drunk on box wine, eat 7,000 calories and go to bed by 9:15 on thanksgiving, but if you do that every other day you have a "problem" and you should "see someone about it"

    20. When he asked this thought-provoking question we have all pondered before:

    Do you guys think the guy who started the Guinness book of world records has a certificate for "world record holder for giving out the most world records"?

    21. When he shared this relatable satisfaction:

    I get a weird satisfaction from unsubscribing to emails

    22. And when he shared this understandable power pleasure:

    I get a weird power trip from force quitting shit on my computer. Even if it's responding, I'll force quit just so apple knows who's boss

    23. When he pointed out that he is as forgetful as us:

    Has anyone ever actually remembered to bring the Bed Bath and Beyond coupon to Bed Bath and Beyond?

    24. When he tweeted about this shared fear we all have:

    There's nothing more terrifying than a missed call and voicemail from an unfamiliar number…

    25. When he made it known you're not the only one that eats chips and salsa in bed:

    I don't care what anyone says, eating chips and salsa in bed is cool.

    26. When he expressed his undying love for office supplies:

    I freakin' love office supplies. There I said it. Let's not make a big deal out of this.

    27. When he finally spilled the tea on why you avoid Susan at work:

    If I avoid you at work it's because I've noticed that you don't wash your hands in the bathroom.

    28. When he tweeted about everyone's love of clean sheets:

    SERIOUS QUESTION: is there anything better than getting into a bed with clean sheets? SPOILER ALERT: there is not

    29. When he introduced us to the solo brunch and we were so about that:

    Serious question. Can you go to brunch by yourself? I want to crush eggs Benedict and peach Bellini's but I don't want to talk to anyone

    30. When he called out Kombucha and we thought, "same":

    I don't think anyone really knows what kombucha is

    31. When he tweeted about this horrific yet relatable misfortune:

    There's a lot of bad out there. But I'd say that the liquid that comes out of a mustard bottle before actual mustard comes out is up there

    32. Finally, when he shared his TOTALLY RELATABLE fear of spiders:

    Every time I walk through a spiderweb I think to myself "well, there's a giant spider on me now and I'm probably gonna die soon"