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    19 Hilarious Tweets Only People Who Are Constantly Hungry Will Understand

    What are we having for dinner?

    1. When there's always room for more:

    Genie: and for your third wish? Me slamming down my fork after finishing my second cheesecake: TAKE A WILD FUCKING GUESS BUDDY

    2. When eating brings you joy and sadness at the same time:

    People who think you can't be happy and sad at the same time have obviously never eaten all the cookies in the house in one sitting.

    3. When sharing is NOT caring:

    "Let's just share a dessert", said the worst person on the planet.

    4. When you stare at the fridge hoping new food will miraculously appear:

    When there ain't a damn thing I wanna eat in the fridge but I just stare and stare... hoping that something appears

    5. And when you go back again and again to make sure you didn't miss anything:

    Me looking in the Kitchen for the 10th time in 1 hour hoping food is going to randomly appear.

    6. When your appetite outpaces your paycheck:

    me always broke and me always hungry is not a nice combination

    7. When you're tired of people bashing your love of food:

    hate when people say "if u think this is better than sex, u haven't had good sex!", like no, maybe you've just never had good lasagna, Carol

    8. When you try to be healthy:

    Ate an apple instead of chips so now instead of being hungry, I'm sad and still hungry

    9. And when you fail:

    Me: I’m going to be healthy Breakfast: fruit Lunch: sandwich Dinner: salad Midnight snack: large pizza, mac & cheese, a gallon of ice cream

    10. When food is literally the only thing on your mind:

    Interviewer: what are your future plans? Me: lunch Interviewer: I meant long term plans Me: what, like dinner?

    11. When nothing sounds satisfying even though you're starving:

    Forever hungry. But nothing ever sounds good. Smh the struggle

    12. When you get so hangry that you become a completely different person:

    Hangry me is a different person I don’t know her I’m sorry

    13. When even eating doesn't solve the problem:

    I’m always hungry even when eating....

    14. When your #WCW and #MCM look more like this:

    15. When your life literally revolves around food:

    16. When all you think about is food so you never miss a meal:

    I envy those people who 'forget to eat'.. like how is food not always on your mind 😩

    17. When you're ready for bed and feel sad that you won't eat again until the sun rises:

    I’m always afraid to brush my teeth at night because that means I’ve committed to not eating anymore food until the morning, and that’s such a hard thought

    18. When waiting for your food is the hardest thing imaginable:

    Waitress: what can I get for you? Me: i'll have the steak W: how would you like it? Me: immediately

    19. Finally, When food is life:

    Not sure if I actually like movies or just like looking at something while I eat popcorn.