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    17 Times Dads Made You Roll Your Eyes And Then LOL

    Happy Father's Day, dad!

    1. This dad who bought a toaster that "prints" his face onto sliced bread:

    @missmonami / Via

    2. This dad who accidentally filmed himself during his daughter's graduation:

    @ClassicDad / Via Facebook: video.php

    3. This dad who finally learned how to use his phone's front-facing camera and took this as his first selfie:

    @rickyMEME / Via

    4. This dad who wore his New Balances for 10 years — and then replaced them with another pair of New Balances:

    @Cat_Poker5 / Via

    5. This dad who geared up to teach his daughter how to drive:

    @earphone4 / Via

    6. This dad who took the grocery store signs a bit too literally:

    @StardustPrime / Via

    7. This dad who made the ultimate Gwen Stefani appreciation pun:

    Peepin over the edge at the Monts. Miguel said “hola” to her. She gave this look in return cause she ain’t no HOLAback girl. #DadJokes

    8. This dad who sent this hysterical workout video to his family group text in case he didn't make it:

    My dad sent this in our family group chat hahahahah i am dead😂😂😂

    9. This dad who updated the names on his Netflix account:

    @flagsoccer21 / Via

    10. This dad who knows a thing or two about chemistry:

    @First_Jimothy / Via Twitter: @First_Jimothy

    11. This dad who went outside to "cut the cake" after a snow day:

    @youtubeTheClaymer / Via

    12. This dad who recruited his son to help him chew the entire alphabet from pretzels:

    @Mashpoe / Via

    13. This grandfather who staged these photos of his grandson's stuffed animal he had accidentally left behind:

    @Lulalunatique / Via

    14. This dad who hilariously made a postcard out of his son's traumatic accident:

    @al666in / Via

    15. This dad who hilariously trolled his daughter's selfie:

    16. This dad who stopped his six-hour car ride to take this punny picture:

    @Mechanicalmama / Via

    17. Finally, this dad who made this outrageously funny sign for a protest:

    @pepsodont / Via

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