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15 Parenting Hacks That Are Actually Kind Of Hilarious

Only a parent could be this smart.

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1. These parents who thought of this clever way to tell their twins apart:

Yes, there are ways to tell identical twins apart.

2. This mom who thought of a second use for her wine opener:

@staceysutton / Via Instagram: @staceysutton

6. This mom who turned her baby into a dust mop:

@samginnifer / Via Instagram: @samginnifer

9. This dad who sneakily refilled a Capri Sun with a syringe:

@FearfromEartothereTravel / Via Facebook: EarToTherePhil

11. This dad who found a way to enjoy his breakfast without waking his kid up:

@jankity_j / Via Instagram: @jankity_j

13. This father who figured out a way to rock his baby while also lounging:

@parenthacks / Via Instagram: @parenthacks

14. This dad who created this train to keep his baby occupied:

Instagram: @_kellyarthur