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11 Husbands And Boyfriends Who Are So Wholesome You’ll Say “Aw!” And 11 Who Are So Funny You’ll LOL

Can't live with them, can't live without them.

1. This boyfriend who made a Twitter account to reach his girlfriend when he lost his phone:

2. And this boyfriend who couldn't find his girlfriend in Walmart:

3. This boyfriend who learned how to paint so that he had another way to express his love for her:

4. And this boyfriend who gave his girlfriend exactly what she asked for:

5. This husband who replaced the numbers on his wife's scale with words describing how he sees her:

6. And this husband who figured out a way to get out of shopping with his wife:

7. This husband who gave his wife flowers just because it was Tuesday:

8. And this boyfriend who doesn't understand the definition of a "cute candid":

9. This boyfriend who made a secret list of his girlfriend's favorite things and quirks:

Make sure u have a boy like Roderick when ur sad

@MLanaman / Via Twitter: @MLanaman

10. And this husband who made a sweet poem with a plot twist ending for his wife:

11. This boyfriend who made sure he got his girlfriend's favorite dipping sauce:

12. And this boyfriend who roasted his girlfriend's style choices:

13. This husband who shared a sweet reenactment photo of him and his husband at the LGBT March on Washington 24 years later:

Nicholas Cardello / Via

14. And this boyfriend who used nipple clamps to preserve his girlfriend's Cheetos:

15. This boyfriend who printed the sound waves of his voice on a canvas for his girlfriend:

16. And this husband who gave his wife this hilarious Christmas present:

17. This husband who made heart-shaped eggs for his wife:

18. And this husband who bought his wife this ~adorable~ birthday cake:

19. This husband who took a second just to tell his wife how proud he was of her:

20. And this husband's sarcastic response to his wife hinting at what she wanted for Valentine's Day:

21. This boyfriend who got his girlfriend a couple's portrait for the holidays:

22. And finally, this boyfriend who did not want his girlfriend to catch the bouquet: