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17 Homes And Appliances That Prove We're Already Living In The Future

No, we aren't talking about Pat from Smart House.

1. This house that has corner drawers to avoid wasting precious storage space:

2. This smart shower head that changes colors to alert you when you've used too much water during your shower:

3. This computerized bathroom mirror where you can check the weather or social media as you get ready:

4. This toilet that has two seat sizes — for little bums and big bums:

5. This fan that lets you know which cord turns the lights or fan on:

6. This refrigerator with a built-in screen for easy access to online recipes:

7. This eco-friendly "living roof" which provides insulation and cultivates fresh vegetation:

8. This outlet with a USB port that glows red to tell you that your device is charging:

9. This circular sink that's every cook's dream:

10. This house with a heated driveway so they never have to shovel snow again:

11. This house that has a slide–stair case combo:

12. This machine that creates a controlled environment for "urban farming" which you can control from your phone:

13. This shower handle that tells you the exact temperature of the water:

14. This home with a retractable enclosure so you can soak in the hot tub year round:

15. This tech-savvy home with a doorbell camera so you can see who is at the door:

16. This house that is covered in solar panels to ensure maximum energy production:

17. Finally, this laundry basket that doubles as an easy how-to guide and explains all of the laundry symbols: