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    21 Things Every '90s Kid Went Crazy Over In Gym Class

    Tag! You're it!

    1. Dashing under the parachute before it came down and completely consumed you:

    Serrnovik / Getty Images

    2. Racing your classmates on scooters while trying not to run your fingers over:

    Orygonian / Getty Images

    3. Running away as fast as you could before someone yelled, "SPUD!":

    Mandygodbehear / Getty Images

    4. Kicking the ball as hard as you could to try and score a home run in kickball:

    Todd Arena / Getty Images

    5. Being tricked by your teacher when they quickly said, "Touch your nose," in Simon Says:

    Fatcamera / Getty Images

    6. Bouncing the ball frantically while trying to keep it within the squares during Four Square:

    Joel Blit / Getty Images

    7. Calling your crush's name so they would run over and hold your hand during Red Rover:

    Rawpixel / Getty Images

    8. Being chased — and then perfectly sliding back in your spot — during Duck, Duck, Goose:

    Serrnovik / Getty Images

    9. Seeing who could jump rope the longest and not caring at all when the rope hit your ankles:

    Christopher Futcher / Getty Images

    10. Hearing that ripping sound as you yanked your opponent's flag in flag football:

    Inkkstudios / Getty Images

    11. Running toward your friend and shoving the baton into their hand during relay races:

    Serrnovik / Getty Images

    12. Throwing your body onto any part of a chair you could find during musical chairs:

    Serrnovik / Getty Images

    13. Hearing the *beep* and sprinting as fast as you could across the gym while completing the physical fitness test:

    Christopher Futcher / Getty Images

    14. Anticipating your basketball making it in the hoop before the other team's in Knock Out:

    Zefart / Getty Images

    15. Feeling that sweet burning sensation of the rope slipping through your hands during Tug of War:

    Paylessimages / Getty Images

    16. Hearing the swift *whip* of the bat making contact with the whiffle ball:

    Spiderstock / Getty Images

    17. Standing completely frozen while yelling to your friend to tag you during Freeze Tag:

    Dolgachov / Getty Images

    18. Sprinting as fast as you could, then hitting the breaks during Red Light/Green Light:

    Mark Bowden / Getty Images

    19. Slapping the tetherball as hard as you could to try to wrap it all the way around the pole:

    Gregobagel / Getty Images

    20. Striking the craziest pose when the music cut out in Freeze Dance:

    Christopher Futcher / Getty Images

    21. And finally, jumping into the air and catching the dodgeball, winning the game for your team:

    Orygonian / Getty Images

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