15 Dogs Who Should Be Utterly Ashamed By Their Behavior

    Did a tornado or my dog go through this house?

    1. This dog who destroyed the living room and felt no remorse:

    my dog made a huge mess and then had the audacity to just sit and chill while i cleaned it up i mean LOOK AT HIS LITTLE ARM https://t.co/T8dJxxEYac

    2. This bad girl who ate all of her human's McDonald's:

    3. This dog who nearly drowned his human sibling:

    4. This ruthless pug who ran over their doggy sibling with their wheelchair:

    5. This tiny troublemaker who put the ~happy~ in "Happy Thanksgiving!":

    6. This Boston terrier who literally ate his human's homework:

    Olive ate his boy's homework! #bostonterrier #boston #baddog

    7. This pug whose poop got smeared all over the house:

    8. This mischievous dog who destroyed a beanbag chair and then reveled in the destruction:

    9. This naughty boy who decided to take a mud bath:

    10. This sly dog who tried to steal his human's food and almost got away with it:

    Tater tots? What tater tots? #waitforit

    11. This pup who got caught in the act and then tried to cover it up:

    12. This little floof who had an accident in the house but is still so proud:

    This is Poppy. She’s doing her best.13/10 hopes you’re proud of her

    13. This dog who has a personal vendetta against sunglasses:

    14. This dog who stole a massive cut of prime rib:

    15. Finally, this naughty dog who chewed off the limbs of his human sister's dolls: