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    These 21 Dog Sploots Will Warm Every Dog Lover's Heart

    Sploot (noun): when a dog lays flat on their belly with their legs stretched out behind them.

    1. Some people might have you believe that sploots are strictly a Corgi thing:

    2. And that sploots only work because of their little legs and puffy butts:

    3. But those people are wrong. Corgi's are NOT the only dog breed capable of mastering this adorable position:

    4. I'm here to tell you that SO many kinds of dogs have perfected the sploot:

    5. This Weimaraner can sploot:

    6. This Golden Retriever can sploot:

    7. This Dalmatian can sploot:

    8. Even this German Shorthaired Pointer can sploot:

    9. Sploots can come in all shapes and sizes...

    10. this teeny tiny sploot...

    11. ...or this big boy sploot:

    12. A sploot can occur basically anywhere a fur baby pleases...

    13. the kitchen floor...

    14. ...or a sunny patio...

    15. ...or a cushiony couch...

    16. ...or even a fluffy carpet:

    17. Doggy attire obviously enhances a sploot:

    18. Like this football jersey sploot...

    19. ...or this jacket sploot WITH crossed legs:

    20. So remember, although Corgis are natural-born splooters...


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