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19 Dads Who Failed In The Most Dad-Like Way

Well, at least they tried.

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1. This dad who didn't know how overalls work:

2. This dad whose baby wrap had more holes than Swiss cheese:

@dadshit / Via Instagram: @dadshlt

3. This dad who couldn't figure out how to work the snaps of his son's outfit:

@nikki_baron / Via Instagram: @nikki_baron

4. This dad who accidentally made a naughty pancake:

@tysenbang / Via Instagram: @tysenbang

5. This dad who trusted his little one with this massive water bottle:

6. This dad who clearly doesn't know his left from his right:

@tabpez / Via Instagram: @tabpez

7. This dad who thought his son's pants were too big, but figured it would be OK:

@hippiecap / Via Instagram: @hippiecpa

8. This dad who was so tired that he accidentally dressed his tot for bed like a mermaid:

@tweethaley / Via Instagram: @tweethaley

9. This dad who accidentally let go of his baby while going down the slide:

Instagram: @meganjbehrends

10. This dad who failed so hard at doing the laundry:

Proof that i shouldn't do more washing, sure it was bigger before the tumble!!! #dadfail #shrunkorsmall #doh

@DrDaleview / Via

11. This dad who couldn't tell the difference between these two boots:

@vigilant_roy / Via Instagram: @vigilant_roy

12. This dad who didn't know how to properly use the baby carrier:

@lucmoorey / Via Instagram: @lucmoorey

13. This dad who literally used his child as a mouse pad:


14. This dad who failed using even the simplest of hair accessories:

@cartasdocanada / Via Instagram: @cartasdocanada

15. This dad who made his son's hair look like a character from The Simpsons:

@t_sparks / Via Instagram: @t_sparks

16. This dad who underestimated just how hungry his kid was:

When your kid is hungry🤦🏼‍♂️ #dadfail

17. This dad who looked away for one second:

@truckerdowling / Via Instagram: @truckerdowling

18. This dad who thought cart-surfing was a good idea:

Instagram: @eicherumba

19. Finally, this dad who picked up a cake for his daughter "Billy's" birthday:

Celebrated my little girls birthday at school today with a donut cake.. Should have checked the cake before I got to school.. #lilynotbilly #dadfail

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