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    25 Dad Jokes That Are All Funny, No Filler

    Jokes are funny, but dad jokes are funnier.

    1. This cleverly annoying joke:

    2. This punny dad response:

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    3. This plot twist:

    4. This presidential pun:

    5. This historically accurate meme:

    6. This joke that deserves an Olympic medal:

    7. This joke that's even funnier the second time around:

    8. This punny math joke:

    9. And this joke that's out of this world:

    10. This perfectly thought out joke:

    11. This brainteaser only a dad would think of:

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    12. This corny car joke:

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    13. This socially awkward knee-slapper:

    14. This food pun:

    15. And also this steamy joke:

    16. This perfectly set-up punchline:

    17. This dad joke sure to annoy all spouses:

    18. This brilliant startup idea:

    19. This nostalgic joke:

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    20. This crushing quip:

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    21. This English nerd joke:

    22. This sneaky joke:

    23. This outstanding punchline:

    24. This money-maker:

    25. Finally, this truly entry-level dad joke: