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    19 Cats Who Fucked Up, But In The Most Hilarious Way

    Cats: half evil masterminds, half goofballs.

    1. This cat who underestimated just how far away the bed was:

    @samkalidi / Via Twitter: @samkalidi

    2. This kitty who ended up in the trash can:

    Nice try. #fail #lol #cats #kitty #meow #ohno

    @failarmy / Via Twitter: @failarmy

    3. This kitty who was clearly attacked by the garden hose:

    4. This goofball who managed to get stuck in a case of water:

    5. This orange tabby who lost to the well-polished floor:

    This is such a major fail 😂 What is this cat even doing?

    @Crystal_Fishy / Via Twitter: @Crystal_Fishy

    6. This feline who somehow got stuck in the sliding patio door:

    7. This sad cat who couldn't figure out how to get free from the blinds:

    8. This kitten who adorably rolled down the stairs:

    9. This cat who slam dunked:


    10. This cat who fell victim to the icy snow:


    11. This fat cat who got stuck in the cat door:

    12. This kitty who ~gracefully~ fell down the bunk bed ladder:

    13. This black cat who ran into a bit of bad luck:

    14. This fluffy cat who got stuck between the couch cushions:

    15. This cat who just couldn't hold on:

    16. And this kitty whose aim was just too short to make it out the window:

    17. This cat who quite literally got stuck in a tree:

    18. This floof who got into a bit of a pickle:

    If I fits, I sits........kind of. 😸

    19. And finally, this silly cat who got their head stuck in a Slinky: